Ysan Roche, Avant-Garde Rebel of the Music Industry, Combines Music, Storytelling & Fashion

New York, NY – Music, storytelling and fashion certainly complement each other, and while not many artists have tried to combine their prowess in all three fields, Ysan Roche is an interesting chameleonic exception. Having recently recorded her album Vagabondiva with SIA Producer Yoad Nevo in London, Roche is currently working on a book project called ‘The Female Network,’ in which she aims to build a platform where successful, ambitious Western and Chinese business women can connect.

Roche’s authentic, bold persona features a combination of free-spirited avant-garde fashion and rebellious pop music that appeals to a new form of feminism. This bold, beautiful artist doesn’t shy away from using physicality and elegance as a tool to showcase her opinion and deliver her main messages:

  • Create your own paradise
  • Love and support men and others, but remain a feminine woman
  • Sexuality is power, and women need to get their power back

Roche is an artist, a self-made fashion icon who aims for one goal: to be understood for who she is.

“I am so many people, I’d love people to understand the variety of the soul,
I want people to embrace their strong emotions and allow themselves to feel again.”

Roche’s eccentric, delicate style of fashion enthralls women of the new generation. The multi-instrumental caliber in combination with her vocal talent gives her instant credibility and authenticity with modern music fans. And her dedicated fan base recognizes that she creates a fascinating addition to the avant-garde music industry.

Roche’s themes have exotic settings in her videos, which engage the listener’s mind, body and soul. Paralyzing Electronic Pop styles define her music videos, while her concept of Black Yellow Pop is trending well among music fans who enjoy the variety.

Fashion, pictorial representations, music images, soul-transforming music, romance, and lusty music touches create the repertoire of this pop star music starlet.

To find out more about Vagabondiva, visit the Ysan Roche website and Instagram account here:


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