Building a Global Healthy Intelligent Ecology Circle, Rock Chain navigates in the Trillion-scale Blue Ocean of Intelligent Industry

CCTV 2 mentioned in the “Conversations” column: “The blockchain is the second era of the Internet.” “The value of the blockchain is ten times that of the Internet.” “The blockchain is the machine that creates trust.”

The intelligent industry and blockchain can be said to be the two most popular trends today. Of course, the rapid development of the intelligent industry is also accompanied by the emergence of its “disease”. Faced with the development bottleneck of the intelligent industry, the emergence of the blockchain can be described as a “cardiotonic agent”! Rock Chain is a global leader in the integration of blockchain and intelligent industries.

Rock Chain is co-sponsored by Natalia Technology Group. The founder is Brian Holt, senior researcher at the Blockchain Innovation Institute of the US, blockchain technology expert, and one of the main R&D personnel of the underlying technology of Rock Chain. Brian has participated in the development of public chains such as Ethereum and ADA. Brian Holt discovered the great value of Rock Chain when he participated in the research and development of Rock Chain underlying technology. Based on the existing features of Rock Chain, Brian Holt first put forward Rock Chain project in Silicon Valley, USA, in 2017.

With the global intelligent industry as its core and relying on a strong technical and operational team, Rock Chain has established the underlying architecture of “blockchain + artificial intelligence + big data”, organically integrating blockchain technology and global intelligent industry. Starting with the sports industry, Rock Chain links the three application scenarios of sports, health and future, accelerating the realization of important scenes concerning the future development of human kind, building a win-win ecosystem of global trillion-level intelligent industry chain, and building a great dream of “keeping a healthy life in the world with a digital solution.”

Adrian, CEO of Rock Chain, said that the use of blockchain technology to transform the intelligent industry is not a disruptive process, but a process of convergence, which is like integrating smart computing, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. Intelligent Industry will integrate blockchain technology and uses blockchain technology to solve or improve certain segments and problems in the intelligent industry. In the future, Rock Chain will create a healthy and intelligent global ecosystem circle of unimpeded, high-speed economic flow.

With the gradual improvement of the global intelligent industry, the strong combination of “blockchain + intelligent industry” has given Rock Chain the potential to become the next star project. The future Rock Chain will become the EOS in the intelligent industry, leading ecological construction of centralized intelligent industry and creating a win-win model for everyone participated in. For investors, it is extremely important to find a hard-working team and a stable and reliable project. Instead of relying on the short-term band of the secondary market, it is better to choose a new dark horse with valuable potential. Rock Chain is not only a successful investment choice, but also a choice for the future intelligent industry lifestyle. Rock Chain users will become the pioneers and beneficiaries of the “blockchain + intelligent industry” era.

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