Bellevue Healthcare Provider Launches New Website To Improve Patient Care Further

Bellevue, WA – Vivaa a leading healthcare provider based in Bellevue is delighted to announce the launch of their new website, which is the latest step in their continual effort to provide their patients with as much help and support as possible. The doctors at the company identified that in many situations patients were either too nervous to ask about their treatment, or just forgot to ask specific questions, and were then frustrated once the appointment was finished.

One of the primary procedures that Vivaa specializes in is that of ultherapy treatment. Understandably this is a delicate, and for some ladies, an embarrassing topic and so the new website features a specific section that discusses what to expect from ultherapy treatment at Vivaa. For those who prefer a more visual approach to learning, there is also a before and after gallery, which may prove useful.

The new website has been professionally built from the ground up and features logical and straightforward navigation, a clean and modern interface and perhaps most importantly of all has been built to be mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly website dynamically changes depending on the type of device the visitor is using to ensure that the site always displays correctly. This is critical in the modern business world, as search engine companies have recently reported that over 50 percent of website visits are now completed on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.

“Although the main reason our patients come to us is for the medical procedures themselves, we have always believed that medical treatment is about much more,” said Dr. Ramandeep Sidhu of Vivaa. “We believe that we have a duty of care to our patients before during and after the procedure, and we never want them to be afraid to ask any questions. However, on many occasions, patients have told us afterward that they were just too embarrassed to ask vital questions, and so they kept quiet and then regretted not asking later. Our aim with the new website is to try and provide full details on the site, that will answer the vast majority of questions, people generally ask, which means they can conduct their research from the privacy of their own homes.

Vivaa is a healthcare provider based in Bellevue WA. The company believes in offering high levels of communication and compassion to their patients. Their mission is to care for their patients as they would a cherished member of their family. For more information about the company, and the services they provide visit their website at

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