Kelowna Landscaping Brings Residents’ Landscaping Creative Visions to Life

Kelowna, BC – Lawn care service company Kelowna Landscaping is helping local residents and businesses turns their artistic landscaping ideas into a reality with their team of lawn care professionals and wide offering of available landscaping services.

Studies have indicated that attractive landscaping can increase the property value of a home up to 12.7%, depending on a home’s original value. Additionally, regular maintenance that ensures plants and trees live long and grow to full maturity often proves to be a successful investment, as further studies by Virginia Tech indicate that increased sizes of trees and shrubberies positively impact a property’s value.

But lawn care and landscape design require specialized tools and skill sets that may be unavailable to many homeowners. Most homeowners don’t have the time or physical abilities to devote to the care and maintenance their lawns need, which include a variety of tasks like weed removal and control, lawn treatment, and trimming of shrubs and trees.

This is where the team at Kelowna Landscaping has stepped in, stressing their dedication to helping homeowners and businesses alike in bringing creative landscaping visions to life and preserving the final products through consistent maintenance.

Kelowna Landscaping’s involvement with large-scale, luxury landscaping projects on both residential and commercial properties demonstrates an understanding of the details of planning and maintaining intricate landscaping designs. Among the assortment of services offered are the removal of leaf debris left by trees and bushes, grass cutting, shrub trimming, and lawn spray treatments for weed and pest control. They also offer many varied and niche services, which range from snow removal in the winter to supplying materials for homeowners interested in DIY lawn care.

The team claims customer service is their top priority, which they strive to show in the attention to detail they give to each client’s unique landscaping needs throughout every step of the process from initial assessment to continued maintenance throughout the year to ensure each lawn is healthy in every season and type of weather. Even poor soil quality is an issue their experience can help tackle, according to their team members.

The health and quality of a home or building’s landscape or lawn can be important points of pride for residents and business owners looking to display attractive landscape designs and ultimately raise property values, but labour intensive to craft and maintain without the help of professionals. Homeowners and businesses in the local area can contact Kelowna Landscaping to consult on bringing landscape design to life, as well as inquiring about traditional lawn care and maintenance services.

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