Nathaly Bonilla Presents First Solo Art Exhibition “Empty Nest”

World-renowned Venezuelan visual artist Nathaly Bonilla will be presenting her first solo exhibition Empty Nest on August 10 at 6:00 p.m., at SugarMynt Gallery on 810 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena. The exhibition is based on a blend of portraits and natural environments inspired by personal stories shared by different people during Bonilla’s sessions as a tattoo artist.

The event will be open to the public. The exhibition will also be held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, at the gallery’s opening hours.

According to the artist statement, ”Empty Nest” is “a compilation of recent drawings inspired by some of the most emotional connections I’ve had as a tattoo artist. The main focal point is the contrasting feelings among the ones who leave home to explore the exciting and terrifying aspects of the outside world.”

Bonilla further explains her process: “The exhibition is composed of a series of portraits merged with nature as one. The dramatic use of lines in an urge to create intricate flowing textures with the gold accents is the language chosen to communicate the melancholy hidden behind the bravery of their personal stories.”

Nathaly Bonilla started her career as children books illustrator, for which she received the 2010 National Book Award in the illustration category in her home country. After that, Bonilla started to show her artwork in different local galleries and museums.

So far this year, Bonilla has had two collective exhibitions in Los Angeles. In early June, she presented Ink and Blooms, a photographic project in which the artist intervened the curated pieces with illustrative floral lines. All the profits from this exhibition were donated to Homeboy industries.

Later that month, she teamed up with the distinguished Korean tattoo artist June Jung for their exhibition Brujería, a botanical compelling of paintings and drawings that were sold to raise profits for RAINN, an anti-violence organization in America.

Empty Nest marks her first solo exhibition. And according to Bonilla’s own words, the event aims to be “a spiritual journey through compassion and solidarity for those who are writing compelling stories that, unbeknown to us, are happening close to ours on a daily basis.”

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