Strategic cooperation of with Asian institutions

The is a distributed technology organization with global cryptographers and consultants. It can publish a blockchain or a decentralized application.

The distributed technology organization will incubate global blockchain quality projects and invest in public blockchain projects and blockchain infrastructure hardware projects. It will eventually be driven by third parties and communities and those who want to gain value in the blockchain.

The distributed technology organization does not guarantee or promise that someone will do this. They are only responsible for the underlying system, deploying the corresponding functions, and making excellent DAPPs on the blockchain.

David Ritchie, who is known as the father of C and creator of the Unix operating system, is the President and Chief Technology Officer of – a blockchain distributed technology organization. There are also international financial analysts with many years of experience as a strong risk control system.

The is the core technology service provider of global blockchain software and a global blockchain incubator that helps people create a large number of decentralized applications.

Currently has more than 100 distributed technicians worldwide.

The is constantly growing and growing. is expanding its global operations and is also favored by global capital, many of which are invested in world-class funds. In the near future, it has also signed strategic alliances with Asia’s Contented Angels Investment Association to jointly build the world’s top blockchain brand community.

The blockchain is a treasure map that brings many changes to society. is using this treasure map to find the value of the true blockchain application and ultimately create a more meaningful blockchain for the world.

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