Country Garden “Sea Legend” landed in New York Times Square!

On July 22, 2018, the “Legendary” huge poster shocked the world in New York’s Times Square, focusing on the Hangzhou Bay of the era, a new legend, starting here!

New York’s Times Square is located between the famous Broadway and Seventh Avenue. New York’s Times Square is regarded as the “most eye-catching” window of the world because of its annual flow of hundreds of millions of people. Brands and companies from all over the world. Debut here and show the world. With China’s rise as a world power, Country Garden’s maritime legend officially entered the world as a legendary cruise ship and landed in Times Square in New York.

The Country Garden Sea Legend debuted, with the strong posture of Nasdaq + Reuters dual screen, the concept image of the cruise ship settlement was presented on the stage of the world.

World Bay Legends Sea Dreams

The planning and development of the Dawan District era has always been the focus of attention. The Bay Area symbolizes openness, innovation and livability. The home is a warm harbor, and in this warm harbor, the cruise ship life at sea is launched. Enjoy the beauty of the new era with a unique geographical advantage. The Hangzhou Bay New District, located at the geometric center of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo, is booming. The cross-sea bridge connects Shanghai and Hangzhou, and many policy dividends are released. Hangzhou Bay is fully calibrated in the World Bay Area, and the feast of wealth is Sheng Qi!

The landmarks of each well-known city are adjacent to the Bay Area. The life of the Bay is the yearning for most people. The first in the Bay Area, the legend of the Country Garden Sea, unveiled the luxury of the Bay.

In recent years, Country Garden has increased the layout of upstream and downstream industries for real estate development and new urbanization construction, and has actively involved in many new fields such as science and technology, agriculture, and intelligent intellectual creation. It is standing on the world commercial stage with the attitude of a composite national enterprise group.

The world’s top 500 Country Garden, with the world’s high-end boutiques in the Bay Area, builds a core residential area in the Hangzhou Bay New Area, and builds a high-end residential, star-rated hotel, boutique apartment, and city-oriented office in a “Bay Area + Industry” model. Bay landmark works, dedicated TOD cover works – Country Garden · Sea Legend.

Country Garden’s forward-looking vision and innovative design concept create a legend of the Bay, to pay tribute to the legend and help the Bay Area to develop! Let the world focus on the Hangzhou Bay of the era, the new legend, set sail here!

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