Eelink’s TK319L 4G SIM GPS Tracker Now Available for Purchase

Eelink’s TK319L 4G SIM GPS Tracker is now available for purchase. The product is designed for various applications including vehicle tracking, IOT market, asset tracking, fleet management, car loans, auto financing, vehicle theft recovery, “Buy Here Pay Here” dealerships, temperature monitoring, cold chain logistics, GPS tracking and more. Interested individuals can visit Eelink’s official site to get the TK319L.

The TK319L is a vehicle tracking device that uses a combination of GPS satellite location and multiband and multi-mode LTE Cat NB1/ M1 and EGPRS uBlox module to report a certain location. The module also guarantees high-speed and efficient mobile connectivity.  The TK319L is a cost-optimized version of Eelink’s standard tracker that is designed for truck and cargo tracking and asset management market-oriented IOT applications. It can function as a 4G SIM GPS tracker, 4G GPS tracker or 4G LTE GPS tracker. The TK319L optimized for cost efficiency, size, and reliability. It has built-in antennas. Data reporting can be initiated by the tracker itself over a physical USB connection or through LTE’s SMS, TCP/IP or UDP pathways. A server can be used to find data as well.

The TK319L has a two-piece waterproof IP65 plastic enclosure that is known for its durability, low cost assembly, and reliability. Its port extension function enables sensor, SOS alarm, and extra power supply. The TK319L can also detect humidity and temperature and support A-GPS. It features GPS/LBS dual positioning, ACC detection, remote fuel shut off, GPIO extension and intelligent real-time tracking. The product has GCF, FCC, PICRB, IC, AT&T, Anatel and CCC certifications. Users can upgrade the firmware remotely thanks to the product’s adoption of the Eelinktech Protocol 2.0.  

The TK319L can transmit data necessary for efficient fleet management. Fleet owners can receive data about the location of all fleet vehicles in real-time, mileage, idling time, speed and speeding events, stops, engine working hours, and more. This can help them solve various fleet management issues as they can detect and analyze the problem early. Being able to track the location of all fleet vehicles is important for more efficient and cost-effective business. Fleet owners and managers can easily dispatch the nearest vehicle by viewing all the vehicles on the map on a single webpage. The vehicle will consume less fuel and arrive faster.

The TK319L is easy to use and install. GPS data is stored in the tracker’s 4B memory when there’s no signal or when the vehicles are out of range.

About Eelink:

Established in 2004, Eelink is the leading manufacturer of GPS trackers in China. The company develops products with strict industry standards to meet the needs of both local and international markets. Eelink offers GPS tracking software, WCDMA and Beidou positioning and GPS trackers for vehicles, ODM and OEM. Eelink also develops tracking platforms that work with Android phones, Apple products, and PCs.

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