Bulleon to Raise Funds for Bulleon Ecosystem Development and Execution through Decentralized TOKEN SALE Method

Filmi, Estonia – The universal digital asset service Bulleon to raise funds for the development and execution of Bulleon ecosystem. Bulleon plans to make this happen by utilizing unique fundraising method through decentralized Token Sale. Technology is changing every part of people’s daily lives, particularly the financial sector.

The platform prepares to introduce its Bulleon Project to possible token holders in relation to the launch of the cryptocurrency. According to Bulleon, it won’t be just any other digital asset service. The product is the result of the combined input of the team’s massive high skilled labor. Most of the Token Sales today have a private sale. A significant portion of the tokens is sold to investors with huge amounts of wealth.

The tokens, however, were sold at a cost that is significantly lower than the main Token Sale is expected to have. The presale is a technique used to raise the capital to be used for financing the Pre-Token Sale. The raised capital will also be used to fund the development and execution of the marketing strategy of the main Token Sale. This approach means that when the main Token Sale moves on to the next stage, the regular investors pay for much higher priced Token Sale.

Bulleon takes a different approach to acquire the funding for the launching of the cryptocurrency. The investors and Token Sale participants have all been a party in the early stages of Bulleon. The platform’s vision is to decentralize the tokens. With that, the Bulleon project involves the small investors from the very beginning.  This is in contrast to how the cheapest tokens were sold to the major investors and venture capitals.

The Bulleon project promises that anyone willing to participate can have access to tokens even in the early phase funding. With this, they ensure that power and opportunities are equally distributed during Token Sale stages.  Bulleon provides an opportunity for smaller investors to make higher ROI no matter the investment they seeded into the project.

From the early stages of the Token Sale, Bulleon will be open to every participant thus ushering the development of Bulleon ecosystem. Bulleon’s success will mean a new era where the cryptocurrency audience takes advantage of decentralized Token Sales. Besides the benefits of decentralized Token Sale, Bulleon is set to offer consumers with accessible tools to navigate through the crypto world easily.

Some of the services Bulleon offers include digital asset exchange, international debit card, biometric hardware wallet, login authentication, and Peer2Peer Lending Platform. With a solid team of the blockchain enthusiasts headed by Vitaly Chizhov, Bulleon is set to make a huge change in the crypto world.

About Bulleon:

Bulleon is a digital asset platform working targeted universally with the purpose of developing a strong currency offering the chance of earning terser profits and gains. The product aims for users to be able to have an effortless way to take out benefits. It also serves as a single place where end-users can find everyday services related to digital assets.

For more information, please visit https://bulleon.io/. For inquiries, please call +372-562-45-667.

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