Vanna Belt in Miami, FL Offers Top Products to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Miami, FL Most women desire to have a flat stomach or at least reduce their midsection measurements. Yet, many of them do nothing, get the wrong products, or get the wrong prescriptions to flatten their stomachs, leaving them wondering how to achieve their goal of a Flat Stomach. It is in view of this, that Vanna Belt offers a top product to help real women flatten their stomach and Achieve Smaller Waists.

Vanna Belt is a leading supplier and seller of a host of products designed to help women to enhance their appearance and have a fantastic body. Their products help in dealing with stretch marks, wrinkles, dimples, and many other skin deteriorations. They also offer top performing supplements which help to reduce weight naturally and have a healthier body.

Vanna Belt offers a set of products which helps women to achieve a flat stomach. The products entail V-Belts, V-Vest, Gel-V, V-Glove, and Trim-V. This group of products works together in a fantastic way to help women flatten their stomachs and Achieve Smaller Waists in no time.

The basic functionalities of the products entail the following:

  • V-Belt: The original compression garment which helps to instantly control the midsection. It allows hiding of tummy pooch, love handles, and muffin tops. It is a top rated product used by many women throughout the US to flatten their stomachs.

  • V-Vest: It works in a similar way to the V-Belt, but are very functional in the midsection and back fat.

  • V-Body: It also works in a similar way to the V-Belt, but deals specifically with flattening the midsection, back fat, and flabby thighs.

  • V-Gel: It is a #1 firming gel applied directly to the midsection in order to tighten and lose firmness of the skin. It also helps to clean the skin and keep it fresh. Recommended before and after workouts.

  • V-Glove: It is a massaging material used alongside the V-Gel to massage the midsection, enabling the V-Gel to penetrate the body and work very fast.

  • Trim V: It is the fastest supplement to lose extra pounds from the midsection in order to speed up the process of flattening the stomach.

The six products help to trim inches of the body, giving ladies a slimmer shape while they exercise and work on their diet to achieve a permanent result. The products work hand in hand to reshape the body, improve the skin, and give women a healthy body. Achieving a Flat Stomach with the products requires the application of the following steps:

  • Instantly controlling the midsection with V-Belt/V-Vest/V-Body

  • Tightening  and massaging the midsection with Gel-V and V-Glove daily

  • Using Trim-V to curb cravings to lose weight in the midsection

  • Continuing with a daily fitness routine that includes cardio and weights

Vanna Belt is located at 8161 NW 60th Street, Miami, FL 33166. Contact them via phone at 1-800-972-0449, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

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