Money Monster: Showing the unique charm of blockchain scene application

In the middle of April 2018, MONEY MONSTER team with its rich experience, took the mission of “creating silo-breaking real-world scenarios and building a new ecosystem for digital asset investment”. They aim at  forming a platform for stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment. After an effort of 3 months, Money Monster complete the transformation of blockchain technology into traditional industry model, creating real application scenarios for production, circulation, and consumption which help in the implementation of the  for the closed-loop.


1. M Wallet – New starting point for digital asset stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment

This wallet integrates the latest features of the block chain wallet, which is a Dapp carried by friends in the industry, but also a safe and private “wealth center”. M wallet releases multi-chain cryptocurrency and distributed application entry. It supports decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is reported that the wallet will be available late in August, and at present, the entrance of distributed applications has been connected to the blockchain applications such as Monster mining machine, Golden horse, capital management tool and other blockchain applications.

2. Monster Mining Machine – New highlight for digital asset stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment

Monster mining machine is a leisure blockchain game.The player buys the virtual mining machine and use  MMON tokens for mining and obtain considerable every day, valuable mining, distributed monster machine. This game is different from the classical Internet games. Each mining machine belongs to the player private assets and are not controlled by any platform and third party control.

3. Golden horse – Exploding point for digital asset stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment.

Golden horse is a pure blockchain formation game, which was launched on August 1st. Players use MMON tokens to make, feed and reproduce Golden horses. There is purchase, auction, and gift sharing among players. They then  develop treasure hunting, PK and other high order plays. The biggest feature of the game is that each Golden horse is unique, unreplicable and untampered. Also, the game uses block chain technology which guarantees a secure network world for the players. There is uniqueness in the representation of the pet horses in the game which is quite appealing for the gamers.


4. Strong and Mature community-based governance

The MMON team is set up by the SINGA BLOCKCHAIN INVESTMENT LTD. in the UK to operate project promotion and community operation in the global distribution communities such as MMON Co. Ltd.etc. It is wholly registered in Tokyo, Japan as an important base for the MMON. It aids in taking block chain cryptocurrency property mortgage loan in Asia Pacific.  It also has a  Chinese community already in Hangzhou block chain industrial park, Shenzhen Nanshan Science Park and Nanning earth King chamber of Commerce Center, The MMON project investors are all over the countries and regions of Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


5. Embark on a new journey

MMON team strives to gain more and more. Recently, GOLD KNOWS THE ANWSERS co-sponsored thehero list. MMON gained the ninth place on the CoinEx exchange’s last 800 projects, stood at 3rd position in the vote which has prompted a number of exchanges in the industry to fight. The recognition of the industry’s approval of the MMON project has also been reached. On August 6th, MMON will be launched on the exchange named “hotcoin” andwill embark on a new journey.

“The soil is the mountain, and the water is the sea”. Happiness and a bright future will not come out of thin air. Success belongs to a brave and persistent team like MMON.  MMON creation team is planning to launch the “Dragon Hole Project” in the 4th quarter of this year, and continue to be bold in change and innovation, MMON is moving towards the peak of the new digital asset ecology!

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