Buford Road Pharmacy – The Best Independent Local Compounding Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia Buford Road Pharmacy, an Independent Local Compounding Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia has changed the face of pharmaceutical medications by saying goodbye to the “cookie cutter” generic medications provided in most chemical shops, through their compounding pharmaceutical medications. The improvement in the medication system has become the big thing that has happened to individuals living within the Richmond, Virginia community.

Buford Road Pharmacy is a Local Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia. Instead of sticking to the status quo and providing generic medications for patients like most pharmacies and chemical shops do, Buford Road Pharmacy has stepped away from the traditional medication system. The specialists at the pharmacy have been highly trained to listen to the needs of each individual patient and provide personalized care based on their needs.

Their pharmaceutical compounding involves the creation of customized and tailored medications to meet the exact needs of a patient that cannot be found anywhere in the market. The medicines provided are designed for the specific patient after considering the severity of the disease, body considerations like size and mass, and any allergic conditions of the patient.

The medicines created and the general operations are governed by a strong set of ethics, quality standards, and compliance with the United States Boards of Pharmacy Regulations in Section 5031, as well as the United States Pharmacopeia Convention. This ensures that they provide medications that meet the laws and regulations of the State, while at the same time being helpful to the patient that would be taking the medicines.

The following entails the benefits of their compounding pharmaceutical medications:

  • Personalized Treatments: A patient who is unable to take medicines in their marketable form like swallowing a pill, contact their qualified pharmacist to convert the pill into a liquid form for easy administration to the patient.

  • Access to Discontinued Medicines: Medicine sometimes may be discontinued from production if it proves to be non-profitable to manufacturers. A patient’s dose may require that medicine, and so it is compounded for the patient.

  • Allergy Friendly Medications: Patients who are allergic to certain drug components like the dye or preservatives are provided with safer drugs in like manner.

  • No More Generalized Dosages: Commercially available drugs might have a drug that has too much dosage for a child or too little for an adult. Compounding will be used to ensure that the right dose is achieved for each patient.

  • Making Medications Edible: Adding flavors to medicines to make them more edible. This is mostly done for children to encourage them to take a medicine.

Buford Road Pharmacy provides customized medications for every treatment a patient needs, regardless of their age or condition. “We love to make our patients’ life easier by developing personalized treatment plans to ease their pain and cure their illness. Compounding is evolving as we find new and better ways to help you manage your condition,” says Amar Patel, the spokesperson for the company.

Buford Road Pharmacy is located at 2608 Buford Rd, Richmond, Virginia 23235. Contact them via phone at (804) 272-1423, or via email at info@bufordroadpharmacy.com. For additional information, visit their website at http://www.bufordroadpharmacy.com/.

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