Freedom Capital, an alternative financing provider, opens their doors to all of Canada

Aug 2, 2018 – As mortgage interest rates rise, housing prices remain high, and bank rules get tougher, Freedom Capital offers an alternative solution to all of this. Freedom Capital provides unique private, alternative, and commercial financing solutions to help Canadians overcome the burdens of the mortgage application process and the bank rules. Their financing options are designed to meet the needs of borrowers who do not fitthe evolving criteria of conventional financing. Their commercial financing options include land and real estate as well as construction. With a lending range from anything between one million to100+ millions, Freedom Capital can handle financing any project.

Extremely tough bank rules coupled with a changing marketplace has made it very difficult for companies and individuals to work with the lending solutions provided by the traditional banks. With the 2018 mortgage changes in Canada, banks no longer approve the same number of mortgages they have in the past.In fact, over 100,000 people who were approved for mortgages last year would not be under the new rules. This leaves a large majority of Canadians in need of a financing solution. So what happens to these Canadians?Some may postpone buying a home, and some may reapply to a different bank hoping for an approval. In the end, when a solution does not seem apparent from the banks, Canadians seek alternative mortgage companies for help.Companies, like Freedom Capital, are not bound by the same lending regulations as the banks. This means that Canadian individuals or businesses now have more options to fulfil their financing needs. Alternative mortgage companies do not base approval on income, job stability or credit rating. Instead, applications are approved based on equity.

Freedom Capital has been in business for years and is a well-known alternative private financing mortgage company in British Columbia. They specialize in helping fund self-employed entrepreneurs, real-estate agents, construction companies, and many more. Their several years of experience in providing various alternative and commercial financing options allow them to have a smooth process and fund the most challenging applications. They’re now opening offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto, enabling them to help Canadians with their financial needs nationwide.To find more information about their wide range of financial options, just click on the website link at

According to Freedom Capital’s website, their innovative alternative financing solutions are backed by their creative approach that enables them to deliver quick and simple access to money even fordifficult situations. Those who are in need of urgent financing can rely on Freedom Capital’s financial services to deliver and relieve their stressful situation. People who are tired of the games, politics, and bureaucracy of the banks can be grateful for the alternative financing companiessimilar to Freedom Capital.

About Freedom Capital

Freedom Capital is a popular alternative private financingmortgage company based in Canada that specializes in providing help fund Canadians that do not fit into today’s traditional lendinginstitutions.

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