Lewis Pharmacy – The Best Independent Local Compounding Pharmacy in Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL An Independent Local Compounding Pharmacy in Palm Beach, Lewis Pharmacy has been disrupting the proverbial traditional medication system through the application of compounding pharmaceutical technologies to provide tailored medications to patients. The medication system is currently making waves in Palm Beach Islands and helping many patients to receive customized treatments for their various ailments.

Lewis Pharmacy is a Local Pharmacy in Palm Beach Island that focuses on changing the scope of the traditional pharmaceutical medication system, by providing tailored solutions to patients. Owing to the fact that the traditional medication system provides generic medical treatment prescriptions to patients without understanding what the medical needs of the patient are at the moment, the pharmaceutical company adopted the compounding system decades ago to provide customized treatment to patients.

They have a team of specialists who understand the needs of their patients and provide them with tailored medical treatments for their specific needs. The team is highly professional, caring, compassionate, and always focused on how they can help patients get healthier through customized medications based on their specific needs, conditions, and makeups. Lewis Pharmacy provides medications for every condition.

Lewis Pharmacy goes to the extent of making free-deliveries to homes throughout Palm Beach Islands. All that a patient requires is to contact them and talk to their team about one’s needs. Once the patient communicates their health issues to them, they ask a series of questions to clarify the medical conditions of the patient.

Lewis Pharmacy uses their compounding technologies to prepare the required medicines for their patient’s, delivered directly to their doorsteps. That means instead of going to the local pharmacy to get a generic medicine for a health issue, patient’s can simply sit in the comfort of their homes, make their requests, and receive customized medicines to their doorsteps without leaving home.

The following entails the basic criteria for a patient to work with Lewis Pharmacy:

  • Patients who require specially medicated formulations as part of a treatment plan.

  • Patients who are unable to take commercially prepared prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs.

  • Patients who require allergen-free medications.

  • Patients who have problems absorbing medications.

“A big advantage our patients get from working with Lewis Pharmacy is they get the personal touch that every patient needs.  The pharmacists take their time in getting to know the patients and their needs to be able to create the best line of medications for their specific conditions. This way, it reduces the risk of infection or allergies down the line,” explained Amar Patel, spokesperson for the company.

They also help veterinary offices that require a change in dosage and drug administration for their animals. Medicines are customized to meet the exact needs and demands of the animals, so they can get better quickly and stay healthy. The medical compounding system has been a tremendous blessing to the Palm Beach Island area.

Lewis Pharmacy is located at 235 S County Rd, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Contact them via phone at (561) 655-7867, or via email at info@lewispharmacyfl.com. For additional information, visit their website at www.lewispharmacyfl.com.

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