His Truth in Living Words: An Inspiration Religious Book Now Available on Amazon

His Truth in Living Words: For the Weekend Warriors of Modern Times is in Kindle and traditional book editions. It begins with an astounding conversion testimonial followed by daily meditations that stir controversy, answer prayer, and Glorify-God through Christ and yearnings of The-Holy-One.

There are 2.2 billion people in the world who are Christians and have God in their life. However, more than 5 billion people are not religious, and millions of people each year lose their faith and their way. His Truth in Living Words, by Ruben Garza, aims to help those that have lost their way regain their faith.

This book can and will change lives. It is available on Amazon. The book has over 250 prayers and insights from the Holy Spirit that aim to motivate, inspire and help those that have turned their back on faith. Readers gain insights and motivation for a more meaningful way life.

Losing faith in God is not uncommon, millions of people around the world lose track of their trust. It is important for those that have lost Hope to find their way back to God. His Truth in Living Words will help this journey. The book was written by a man who once lost his way only to regain his Belief, Faith and Love for Life.

Garza’s writings are ideal for those that want to gain the Trust, Power and Motivation that Salvation provides.

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Author biography:

Ruben Garza is a modern-day Prophet, Dad, Blogger and online Minister for Christ. His conversion took place in Hayward, Ca. a suburb of Oakland/San Francisco. Just over 12 years ago on Sat. March 11, 2006 when God saved him from the only life he knew; after spinal cord surgery, three failed marriages, bouts with chemical addictions and a host of shortcomings our Lord washed him clean.

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