GIRDZ Tablet Holster Launches on Kickstarter To Make iPads and Tablets Hands and Bag Free

Austin, TX – On July 31st, GIRDZ launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new simple, compact, convenient and hands-free way to carry your tablet. The GIRDZ Tablet Holster is made with a durable high-tech polymer, and it’s the perfect tablet companion when you’re on the go.

It fits inside your waistband and in the small of your back. It goes with a jacket, or without. You can use it in the office or out in the field. It’s simple, compact, lightweight, convenient, hands-free and bag free.

“We’re excited about the launch of our Kickstarter for the GIRDZ Tablet Holster,” says Schott Taylor, the creator of the project. “It’s been a fun process developing and testing each iteration of prototypes. Finally, we’re helping iPad and tablet user set their hands free with a simple, compact, convenient GIRDZ Tablet Holster.”

The GIRDZ Tablet Holster is designed to fit a variety of sizes, from 7-10” tablets, including iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 & S4, with cases up to 3/4” thick.

It’s been put through several product iterations, field tests, and prototypes in order to hone the design. The features, size, and entire product has been refined to match the table user. In early testing, one of the users of this group said, “I love it, I use it every day. I’m not giving it back!”

Another said, “The prototype is great, I’m looking forward to the final product. My colleagues can’t wait to get one of their own”

“We worked with a group with thousands of people, that are out in public with their tablets every day, to find out how they deal with this problem,” says Taylor. “The most common method they used to cope with this predicament was to stuff their tablet in the back of their waistband. Though this can be a quick option, walking or shifting a little could send them fishing the tablet out of their pant leg.”

The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign give exclusive access to early-adopters that are tired of having to hold their tablet wherever they go.

To learn more about the GIRDZ Tablet Holster, check out the Kickstarter campaign here or contact the team below.

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