IC World To Be Held in Yizhuang, Beijing

The latest achievements in the global industrial chain of integrated circuits to be discovered and the coordinated development of the industry to be studied.

IC world 2018 officially kicks off in Beijing on the morning of July 30th. Information is given in its press conference that the event, themed as “Into A future of technological innovation and industrial chain with coordinated development”, will take place in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition&Convention Center from October 22nd to 24th, during which 20 academic seminars and an exposition containing 11 exhibition areas with special focus will be held as well.


According to the introduction, IC World is directed by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, and the Administrative Committee of Beijing Economical-technological Development Area. Meanwhile, jointly sponsored by Institute of Microelectronics of China’s Academy of Sciences, The R&D Center of the Internet of Things of China’s Academy of Sciences, Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association, SEMI International Semiconductor Industry Association, Chinese American Semi-conductor Professional Association Beijing Institute of Electronics, Zhongguancun Alliance of Integrated Circuits Industry, Zhongguancun Alliance of Technological Innovation Of Material and Components Industries, Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Information, the event aims at providing a platform for the industry to exhibit their products on the industrial chain, and for global businesses of integrated circuits to communicate with each other.

4 major forums will be held in the part of academic seminars, namely IC World, Beijing International Microelectronics Summit 2018, the 5th International Global Sensor Summit, and the conference of Zhongguancun Integrated Circuits Industry Alliance, supplemented by a dozen of sub-forums with special topics. At the same time, joined by more than 300 experts, scholars and business leaders from international top universities, research institutes and enterprises in integrated circuits, IC World will witness high-level academic exchanges focusing on the following hot topics, including the current situation and trend for the development of international integrated circuits industry, sensors, electron components and its manufacturing, bio-pharmacy, medical care and all-round health, automatic driving, new-energy vehicles, intelligent network, artificial intelligence, robot, intelligent manufacturing, correspondence in the future, internet of things, wearable electronics, smart home, smart hardware, the negotiation of investing and financing in the industry of integrated circuits. Besides, the expo of IC world this year will last for 3 days. Covering an area of 215278.2 square feet, this Expo contains 11 exhibition areas for integrated circuits. These exhibition areas, centered over the topic of innovation,  will present its design, manufacturing, equipment, material, components, production system, factory management, closed beta, terminals, production study and research, industry alliance, etc.


The event is held in Yizhuang because of its important position in China as the industrial base for integrated circuits production. Currently, Yizhuang harbors a number of enterprises in this industry, such as SMI, SMIC, NAURA, Infineon, CHIPONE. By fully utilizing the advantages brought by Beijing’s long-term strategic layout with southern part focusing on manicuring while northern design, Yizhuang is now equipped with self-contained industrial chain, containing design, materials, equipment, manufacturing, components and closed beta tests. With its value of the industry accounting for half of the total in Beijing and one-tenth in China, Yizhuang has become the largest and best industrial base for integrated circuits production, the first base to build the production line for 12-inch integrated circuits wafer as well. On July 12th, the innovation center of integrated circuits, jointly established by the SMI and other enterprises both upstream and downstream on the industrial chain, officially started its mission. As an open and substantive coordination platform for this industry, the center provides access for the design companies and the research institutions to conduct tests as well as for equipment and material companies to verify their products, so as to accelerate the creation of a national technological innovation center of integrated circuits in Beijing.

Beijing is now building major platforms of its national technological innovation center, which cover 3 towns and 1 area. As the “area” referred to here, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area will focus on both providing optimal services and strong financial support to enterprises by transforming the technological achievements into real products, according to the introduction given by its officials. Up to now, the development area has been endowed with an investment and financing system for integrated circuits, core to which is a state-owned financing and investment platform. There are 12 funds for the industry of integrated circuits here, with total amount exceeding RMB 160 billion yuan. The area invested in the several funds, including the Investment Fund for the National Integrated Circuits Industry, the Underlying Fund of Bejjing Integrated Circuits Manufacturing and Equipment, the Underlying Fund of Beijing Integrated Circuits Design and Closed Beta.  At the same time, we jointly established Yi Tang Chang Hou Investment Fund with CHIPONE and Xin Dong Neng Investment Fund with BOE. With regard to transforming the outcomes of technological innovations, encouraging pieces of news of the industry have been constantly released in the first half of year 2018, such as the high-energy excimer laser independently developed and designed by RSLASER, the operation starting after the second phase of NAURA construction finished, the signing of the program contract for production expansion of VISION Tech. In the first half of the year, the total amount of industrial output produced by the leading enterprises in the area stands at RMB 187.21 billion yuan, a 14.9% year-on-year increase, to which the electronics and information industries have contributed to RMB 43.27 billion yuan with a 19.5% year-on-year increase, the most rapid one among the 4 pillar industries in this area.

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