Funcoin will launch AI CONTRACT (AICN) globally at 19:00 (UTC +9) on August 10, 2018

Funcoin will launch AI CONTRACT(AICN) globally at 19:00(UTC +9) on August 10, 2018, and open the aicn/ete trading market!

The AI contract combines artificial intelligence with BLAST chain technology to reshape the new BLAST technology application. The AI contract is a new generation of intelligent chain underlying systems with four capabilities, including the ability to quantify positioning problems, civilian application capabilities accepted and used by ordinary users, Bionic thinking evolution capabilities, and artificial intelligence interventions. Industrial intelligence, the public ability to perform computing through continuous learning and application. The AI contract will open the era of the application of nationwide chain technology and is committed to providing services for everyone.


The founder of the AICN has used the industry’s keen sense of smell for many years to find the combination of artificial intelligence and block chains. Combining the two advanced technologies will collide with different sparks.At the end of 2017, the founder of the AI smart contract realized that artificial intelligence is in line with the development direction of block chain technology and took the lead in combining artificial intelligence with block chain technology. He believes that artificial intelligence under block chain 4.0 is the most high-end technology. In the future, it will land in the fields of finance, legal affairs, medical care, and industry. The future industrial robots will replace manpower and combine artificial intelligence with block chains. This is also the original intention of the AI smart contract.

AI smart contract can land

Talking about two new technology trends in the AI contract + block chain is always exciting, because this combination is not only extremely challenging, but also has the possibility of making pioneers “historical pioneers” of industry changes, so that the top brains can be actively involved. No one is sure what the future holds for them. Two major technological trends are either fading or a great commercial potential is created by cross-merging.

AI contracts and block chains are complementary. For example, AI contracts can optimize energy consumption and improve mining efficiency; AI contracts can pass data partitions, and thus improve the scalability of block chains; AI contracts can also be used to detect fraud. AI smart contract landing is just around the corner.

AICN core team

AI smart contract is the crystallization of artificial intelligence and block chain wisdom. It will be applied to many fields, and future intelligent life will be opened.

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