BITneato is introducing the next generation of cryptocurrency exchange

The attention of all the crypto investors and enthusiast is now focused on the know-how to choose the appropriate exchange, as the cryptocurrency trading increases. Veritably, the most critical aspect to consider now is to select the exchange that offers not only stability but reliability. Depending on whether the customer’s assets are being properly and safely handled, would have its toll on its assessment.

BITneato is an exchange that meets all the needs of the current market contingent upon offering its customers a safe trading environment that they can not only trust but rely on. BITneato is distinctive in nature to others of its kind by offering a two-way trading platform, as trading services to its users.

BITneato offers a cryptocurrency future, as well as a bitcoin margin first and foremost, among margin platforms. It enables deposits made with Ethereum. Especially, it has the advantage to offer a stable server that prevents any type of inconveniences while using its services.

The BTC margin trading offered by BITneato handles from Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Lightcoin, Ripple, Ethereum classic, G-cash, Monero, Quantum, Bitcoin gold etc. totaling 11 different kinds of cryptocurrencies. The best feature on BITneato, is its two-way trading platform for BTC margin transaction, with that said, customers are enabled to select their preferred buy and sell positions, which generate profits regardless of the plummeting of prices.

The existent futures trading exchanges only offer earnings when there is an increase in the prices of the purchased cryptocurrencies. But, BITneato, offers the two-way trading service, generating profits based on strategic moves regardless of increasing or decreasing prices; strictly speaking, its leverage lies on maximizing profits, up to 1:10 times of the deposited amount.

Another distinctive benefit offered by BITneato is the fact that is can perform multifarious chart analysis. Additionally, it has increased processing speed since it is handled by its own program and not the web. It has a user-friendly UI, allowing first-timers to easily get around its services. Other benefits include supplemental profits from CIB manager activities. When appointed as a CIB manager, you’d attract new customers through promotions and accumulate your own assets.

BITneato, is based on an operating system that minimizes risks, by keeping the company’s assets separate from the customers” said a BITneato representative, adding “Especially now, we are in preparation of offering diverse and innovative services, whilst going through a revamp for better service, and we’ll in the works to develop our own broadcasting platform”.

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