New art-inspired footwear company LuvArt Shoes redefining shoe industry with unique designs and charity collaboration

LuvArt Shoes is launched with the mission to encourage the ideal of giving back to the community. The company also inspires to make bold statements with its unique artsy designs.

Arlington Heights, IL – August 3, 2018 – A new art-inspired footwear company is all set to redefine the shoe industry and for better! Titled “LuvArt Shoes”, the next-generation footwear line is aimed to encourage buyers to give back to the community to make the world a better place to live in for the needy and less privileged people. The company is also voicing for out-of-the-box designs that will help users to make a bold statement before the world without getting cramped into pre-defined styles & trends dictated by the existing shoe brands. 

LuvArt Shoes is an endeavor by passionate philanthropist & artist Elliott Aaron From and his partner Tricia Schwaba. Over the last 11 years, Elliott has raised over $3.75 million for non-profits by selling his paintings for charity. His recently launched LuvArt Shoes carries the same noble ethos and through the new footwear line, he is also looking forward to involve more number of people in charitable works.

LuvArt Shoes has collaborated with leading non-profit organization and together they have campaign for the latter’s Women4Women movement. is dedicated to create sustainable jobs in third world countries through distribution of shoes and clothes.  

To donate in the campaign, anybody who will buy a new pair of shoes from LuvArt will just have to donate an old gently worn shoe to Donation of new shoes is also welcome. Interested donors will find the donor’s form on the LuvArt Shoes website only. As part of the Women4Women movement LuvArt is looking to donate over 100k shoes. 

“The sale of just one pair of shoes can help a woman entrepreneur get 5 meals for a family in countries like Honduras or Haiti. So, imagine how big an impact we will be able to create if each one of us proactively participates in buying a pair from LuvArt and then donate our pre-owned shoes to! Our brothers and sisters in third world countries need our help and LuvArt Shoes is dedicated to improve their lives through your generous support”, stated Elliott Aaron From.

The good thing is Soles4Souls has recently teamed up with Zappos shoes which will enable LuvArt shoppers to send their old shoes for FREE. 

LuvArt Shoes is bustling with an exclusive gallery of unique shoes for both men and women. Buyers can choose from various styles, including casual, sneakers and Flip Flops. Kid shoes are available as well. All the shoes are designed by Elliott and Tricia.

“Added to inspiring our buyers for charity, we are also looking forward to encourage them to make a statement of who they are and what they actually believe in. In that light, we focus on out-of-the-box designs that can offer you a fresh alternative to the run of the mill black, brown or tan shoes. Most importantly, our unique designs will allow you to manifest your ideals bravely before the whole world. For example, you can wear one of our Pride designed shoes and say you stand up for the LGBT community.”

LuvArt Shoes also designs bags and apparels. 

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