The Inner Circle Community Developed For Dry Eye Sufferers

United States – Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, optometrists, have answered their patient’s cries by putting together an educational, yet challenging, program and community for all dry eye sufferers… only a mouse click away. It’s the first and only one like it. Dry eye sufferers know that this disease can affect daily routines and lifestyles. The pain is excruciating and the symptoms are intolerable. Many don’t know where to start and make mistakes along their journey that cause their eyes to worsen. This group is a private Facebook community, “The Dry Eye Inner Circle“, which will hold you accountable for every action and answer any eye questions you might have. It will also help walk you through, from start to finish, how to naturally relieve your dry eyes.

There is a huge bonus for signing up for the Dry Eye Inner Circle. And that is an eight week Dry Eye Bootcamp Challenge. You heard that correctly. Eight weeks of fun, encouraging, mind-blowing challenges to help you find relief for your dry eyes. All with great results if followed strictly. The bootcamp provides step by step instructions with interactive participation requirements.

“I loved always waiting to see the next challenge, and the fact they were little simple things that have a great impact of everyday life (most I was always doing…but loved having the group support to keep at it), I loved how certain members would “check on their buddies” to make sure everything was going smoothly…and to have someone to “bounce ideas” around with” – Melissa

You’ll understand exactly why the best way to treat dry eye does not require expensive medications, and learn exactly how to do it. You’ll skip the mistakes and obstacles that stop most dry eye sufferers from feeling relief. You’ll know exactly what to do to conquer and prevent your dry eye (even if you have tried everything). But the best part is, it will leave you with a ton more energy, improved mood, better sleep, and less dry eyes. Skeptical? We get it, but then listen from the people that have joined and what they’re saying about it.

“My energy is up, my mood has greatly improved, I sleep better, I’ve learned to be more centered and self aware-that I need to make sure that stress is handled as well as nutrition in order to improve myself” – Lynn

The Dry Eye Inner Circle Kicks off the evening of Tuesday, August 7th and closes on the Sunday, August 12th. Make sure to get your chance to transform your quality of life and discover the experience today. Your eyes and body will thank you.

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