“The Female Network” by Ysan Roche: the Martial Arts for Women on How to Do Business in China

New York, NY – There is a new book that many women are talking about right now. It is ”The Female Network,” by entrepreneur and entertainer Ysan Roche in which she describes her experiences with doing business in China and gives out some rather peculiar and juicy details. She also encourages women to get-together and build stronger social networks and get access to female only membership clubs.

Ysan Roche has had a career inside the entertainment industry and founded her first successful company in fashion at the age of 21. Constantly studying, evolving and education herself for higher purposes, her hunger for expansion has led her to the Far East, where she has set up her third company and wants to encourage women to join her.

“Hong Kong is one of the main cities where you find equally as many female millionaires as men,” she explains in her book. “Additionally, Chinese women are the wealthiest, self-made business women in the world.”

Apart from that, the book targets female entrepreneurs and introduces them to methods, based on “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. She also explains the art of conversational hypnosis and how to avoid being conned working within the Chinese mentality.

“Many men do not understand the basics of Chinese business, that are primarily based on trust and not legal contracts, because their minds work way too rational. They do not realise that doing business with the Chinese is a constant mind game that you either lose or join with benefits.”

Another challenge mentioned is Venture Capital. It’s a shocking fact that women only receive 2% of all the venture capital in the world which Roche discusses and examines in her book. Roche has received over 500K USD Venture Capital throughout the years, but experienced the unfortunate fact of having to compete with some companies who simply had access to more Venture Capital.

“You can have as much talent and knowledge as possible, without a few million of Capital, you will not be able to make it big. It is also a matter of fact, if you are happy with being a small company holder or want to have access to real power inside your industry, “ Ysan Roche explains.

“And after watching Harvey Weinstein’s methods approaching his adversaries, one can only imagine what you have to experience when a big company with a little more financial assets wants to get rid of you as a competitor. So unfortunately money still is and always will be a major milestone to success and this book explains why women should focus to raise it from female investors. And there is plenty of female Venture Capital in China.”

The book will be available in September. Follow Ysan Roche on Instagram or contact her management here:

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