Mengtop Technology Announces to Continue Innovation with its New 500Wh Solar Portable Generator for Charging Various Devices

The Solar Portable Generator is capable of charging mobile phones, tablets and other small appliances, such as a speaker, projector or a mini refrigerator. The product can help retailers to create their own market and grow their business.

Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd believes in innovation and keeps bringing new products that can remarkably benefit the new-age customers. The company has now introduced a portable solar power generator that can be used for charging a variety of devices, including laptops, mobile phones, projectors, speakers and lots more. With photovoltaic ports, it can support solar panels and can be a cost-effective and environment-friendly option of charging modern gadgets.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they focus on developing new products that can help retailers gain new customers in their respective market. “We have lot many products that are hardly found anywhere else. With a product like this solar portable generator, you can easily build up your brand in your respective markets,” the spokesperson points out. Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd has a variety of products in their portfolio and which are being used by some of the reputed names in the industry, such as Lenovo, Walmart, Travel Ready, Easy Acc and others. The company’s innovative products like power banks, Bluetooth speakers, waterproof solar panel power bank, and other such products are widely appreciated by the customers around the world.

The spokesperson maintains that the 500Wh Solar Portable Generator is an ultra high-capacity charger that can even charge sophisticated devices, such as modern computers and LCD TVs, with its 2 pieces 220V / 500W AC outlets that generate pure sine wave output. It has 4 versatile USB port and also a 12V/10A car port for powering different in-car devices. More importantly, the photovoltaic ports can support the jump starter if the car breaks down. According to the spokesperson, one can easily charge this generator using AC wall outlets or the cigarette lighter socket of a car.

500Wh Solar Portable Generator

The company is offering another important product, which is the Qi Wireless 10000mAh Power Bank. This power bank allows wireless charging. One just needs to push a button to start wireless charging of Qi-enabled devices. The high capacity power bank weighs just 11.02Oz and is easy to carry along. It comes with an easy storage bag and protects the device in case of an accidental drop. The spokesperson reveals that it can extend the battery life of smartphones and tablets with safe charging. The power bank protects devices from dangers, like over-charging, over voltage, short circuit etc. This wireless smartphone charger comes with dual USB ports and can charge up to 3 different devices at a time. According to the spokesperson, it allows two wired charging and one wireless charging simultaneously.

Mengtop Technology Announces to Continue Innovation with its New 500Wh Solar Portable Generator for Charging Various Devices

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Mengtop started its business with the B2B department from EasyAcc, which is set up in 2015. Due to rapid expansion of many more projects, they build a company named MENGTOP, and start their operations in February of 2017. MENGTOP carefully selects factories with years of expertise in the field, and works together to help develop quality, innovative and unique products. MENGTOP according to customer’s requirement and their own idea creates new products. All products available with them are original, from the initial concept, research, designing to the final production process.

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