Indian spiritual and corporate coach Harrish Sairaman spearheading a new road to a spiritual living!

Mumbai, India – August 6, 2018 – After having inspired tens of thousands of people to transform their lives through his powerful and insightful seminars and workshops, Harrish Sairaman, one of India’s most sought after Inspirational Speakers and Change Agent is now venturing into unchartered territory. A different medium and a style to drive the same intention of raising the awareness of people, helping them elevate in their way of living. Over the weekend, Harrish spoke at an event, tangentially different to the ones he usually does to help individuals and organizations to achieve full potential. 

A humorous ‘stand up comedy style’ take on relationships, the event was aimed at using raw humor as a catalyst to gain insights on the lenses, beliefs and common pitfalls in the relationship with our partners and relationships overall. ‘Humor with Insights’ is anyways Harrish’s style as he believes ‘the best way of learning is to laugh and have fun at the same time transform and grow!’ Harrish brought his experience of relationship coaching over the past 12 years to regale the audience with anecdotes, insights and a slight peek into the techniques he uses to empower individuals to have beautiful relationships as he believes ‘relationships are meant to be beautiful!’

Over the past 15 years, Harrish SaiRaman has been an Insightful and an Inspirational speaker, spiritual coach, sales mentor, transformational life coach to more than 200000+ individuals and over 200 corporates. Most corporates seem to have found their recipe for motivation, mindful leadership, achieving high sales targets and peak performance with Harrish’s interventions. His sessions are an interestingly effective mix of time tested techniques including but not limited to Fire Walking, Glass Walking, Rod Bending Kinesiology, NLP, real life examples, insights and more to bring in profound results. As quirky as these techniques sound, large corporates in India ranging from Star TV, Siemens Limited, Tech Mahindra, Cipla, Pidilite, GVK and more will vouch for the transformational results it brings about. Harrish also drives his powerful interventions in other countries and is now also focusing on countries like Ethiopia to drive mass scale country level transformation as he believes when it comes to ‘Human Transformation’ there are no boundaries and limitations! What makes his interventions impactful is the way in which his chosen activities are woven into the client requirements, the relevance to their life challenges and learning. The resonance and results that his sessions bring about makes them fun filled yet transformational in nature.

As a spiritual life coach, Harrish has coached over 2000 individuals who have gone on to experience a total shift in their mindset and live life to the fullest! His definition of spirituality is nothing but ‘Living Life in its Highest Empowered format’ independent of caste, religion, nationality and other limiting filters. Harrish believes anybody can be coached whether it is someone who wants to achieve success in corporate life, or an entrepreneur who wants to scale up or achieve quantum success, a sports person who wants to excel, a student who wants to achieve the best possibility, a housewife who wants to live her dreams of creating a well-balanced family or even someone who is going through serious illness. Harrish employs effective techniques such as hypnotherapy, regression therapy, kinesiology, breath work, chakra activation and more to enable people to overcome their limitations. The most powerful experience apart from these tools and techniques as clients say ‘Is to just be in his presence and have conversations with him which itself brings in a  shift’.

At the relationship event, Harrish borrowed humorous examples from real life, which led to great relatability, again proving that nothing really infiltrates our senses like humor does. So, while the audience had abundance of laughs at the irony and beauty of relationships, they also left with thoughts to ponder over which can be realistically implemented. ‘Laughing at our own problems is a way to dissolve our issues’ says Harrish! With the new inclusion of such platforms in his repertoire apart from his sessions, webinars, youtube videos and short movies, Harrish is looking forward to widen his reach and make a transformational difference to more lives.  

Rewiring excellence, adding value, empowering lives! 

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