Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Apollo Currency Takes Blockchain to the Next Level

Users have had no choice but to use different cryptocurrencies for different features, until now

Malta – August 6, 2018 – Apollo Currency has announced the launch of its next-generation blockchain which adds support for a vast array of functionalities, creating what is likely the first all-in-one currency in the history of the blockchain. Prior to Apollo Currency, users were forced to use different currencies for different tasks, creating a siloed paradigm that was inefficient and time-consuming. With Apollo Currency, the vast majority of cryptocurrency use cases have been rolled into one seamless blockchain experience.

Using highly efficient NXT technology as the blockchain base, Apollo is built to scale up to the demands of increased user activity with faster transactions. Ethereum and Bitcoin have slowed significantly as theyʼve grown in popularity in use, whereas Apolloʼs blockchain architecture will allow for even faster, wider scalability with the integration of the Hermes roadmap milestone. With a fast blockchain under the hood, Apollo Currency has the engine for powering a diverse and innovative array of features. 

Front and center in the Apollo Currency cast of features is its ability to support truly private, anonymous transactions. Bitcoin, Dash, and other popular cryptocurrencies including those with private transaction support are not, contrary to popular belief, anonymous at all, and even go so far as to keep track of IP addresses between counterparties in a transaction. This means that when Bob sends Alice 0.4 BTC, not only is it now possible for both parties to see the otherʼs wallet value and history of transactions, it is also possible for someone using blockchain analysis to see the geographic location that a particular transaction was sent from. Apollo Currency makes such dangerous transparency a thing of the past with the Olympus Protocol, a protocol for creating truly private transactions with hidden IP addresses on the Apollo blockchain.

Adding to its strong focus on privacy, Apollo Currency also includes a decentralized marketplace, a platform for encrypted messaging, and a novel Alias System. The Alias System works by allowing users to create an alias for a specific set of text. This text can serve to hide a userʼs Apollo wallet address, replacing it instead with the chosen alias, as well as being used to replace e-mails, websites, and other sensitive information that a user must share with others but would also like to keep private. Aliases are also transferable and can be sold to other users over the Apollo network. 

Notably, users will be able to create their own digital currencies using Apolloʼs Monetary System which is backed by Apollo Currency (APL), giving them instant value and liquidity, and can be traded on Apolloʼs very own decentralized exchange. The Apollo Asset System brings true innovation to the cryptocurrency space by allowing for users to tokenize anything with user-generated tokens which represent real- world assets such as public and private equities, property titles, and collectibles. After tokenizing real-world assets, theyʼll be tradable on the Apollo Decentralized Marketplace using completely anonymous, untraceable transactions. 

Adoption of Apollo Currency has been swift as partners roll in one. Lamoneda, a blockchain-based event ticketing platform, has partnered with Apollo Currency to accept APL as payment for SmartTickets, a revolutionary digital ticket system. As the Lamoneda partnership has shown, Apollo Currency is facing swift adoption as it looks to take its place amongst the worldʼs top cryptocurrencies.

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