Help2Crypto designs an Artificial Intelligence powered system to predict the crypto market

Help2Crypto has developed the first of its kind AI-powered system to make crypto market predictions which has the potential to be more accurate than the traditional way of predictions. The system is developed after years of research and hard work with an aim to identify and understand the constantly fluctuating crypto market. The increasing number of cryptocurrencies and crypto startups has also increased the risks associated with the market, giving birth to the need for a reliable prediction system for the investors who’re putting their precious money into it.

At present, the market has over hundreds of tokens and it has become very hard to analyze the graphs because of the big trading groups and different events. The system designed by Help2Crypto strives to help the investors in making the most of their trades by providing them with the right predictions. Unlike the traditional ways of analyzing the market, this fully functional AI-based system analyzes the market instantly and repeatedly every few seconds. Furthermore, the platform is designed for everyone, despite their knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

Following is an example of the system alert for a specific coin –

An alert on bitcoin stability status (uptrend / downtrend / stable)

The Help2Crypto system single-handedly analyzes the crypto market with the help of dozens of tools and hundreds of collective data. By identifying the market stability every minute, the system knows to alert which coin is going to rise. Altogether, the system provides a profit sell order based on hundreds of different parameters and studies the market frequently to identify the falling and rising trends of Bitcoin.

The pre-ICO of Help2Crypto is currently up and running on their official website, to offer the H2C token which is priced at $0.20 each for the pre-sale. The H2C token will be used on the platform and the token holders will be able to benefit from the platform and its services. A total of 218,000,000 H2C tokens will be produced out of which 152,600,000 will be available for sale through the ICO.

In the first stage, there will be 30,000,000 H2C Tokens that will be released to the public for sale. This is the target of keeping development of the AI System and marketing aspects. Also, there is a 10% token bonus until the 1st of September. The investors in the ICO will also be able to buy future services and perks provided by Help2Crypto. All the funds raised from the ICO will be utilized for the continuous development of the AI prediction system including the funding of better servers that require a very high processing power.

More information about the platform and the ongoing ICO can be found at

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