Betamore Fragrant Rice Beats other Brands with Low Sugar, Low Fat Benefits

August 6, 2018 – It’s time to make rice GREAT again!

A long grain, low-fat and low-sugar rice is making waves around the world, and it’s called Betamore Fragrant Rice. Unlike most brands of white rice in the market today, Betamore Fragrant Rice is healthier and safer due to its low Glycemic index value and many certifications like ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and HALAL. The product was awarded the National Best Rice for Fragrant Rice category in 2017.

Rice is a stable food in Asia, and white rice has acquired a rather bad reputation due to its association with diabetes. The main cause of this is due to its high Glycemic index (GI). However, not all rice varieties are the same! And Betamore Fragrant rice is very different from white and other rice varieties due to its lower GI content.

Betamore Fragrant Rice has a lower GI value of only 62 compared to the high GI of 73 found in most white rice varieties. The higher the GI, the higher is the sugar content. Betamore Fragrant rice is long grain, low in fat and sugar, has zero sodium, easily digestible and is thus safer and healthier. Its presence of vitamin B1 is unique among white rice.

“Nothing beats the aroma and taste of freshly cooked premium rice. We, at Betamore are proud to bring this experience to your loved ones. We believe your beloved deserves the best!” said a spokesperson for Betamore.

Betamore Fragrant Rice (Sen Kra Ob) is grown in dry land, nurtured with prime soil and rainfall. “Pure as raindrop” is how the folks at Betamore describe their rice. It carries high fiber content, good grain quality with long, tender and aromatic features, as well as a soft texture and easy palatability.

Betamore Fragrant Rice is only available from specialty stores and its official website with doorstep delivery.

For more information, please visit: or contact 6602 8161

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