Ever-Changing Jewelry announces the arrival of new collections with free shipping offer

Leading provider of unique and high-quality accessories, Ever-Changing Jewelry, announces the arrival of new earplugs with free shipping offer

Ever-Changing Jewelry is one of the leading providers of high quality, sustainable fashion accessories, with a wide range of unique and high quality handmade Organic Plugs, Tunnels and accessories. The fashion company has announced the arrival of a new collection of products, with a free shipping offer on all orders above $50.

The concept of ear accessories has evolved over the years, with fashion companies, enthusiasts, and other stakeholders in the fashion world coming up with a wide range of products. Ear fashion accessories have become increasingly popular in recent times, with earplugs, gauges, and other such accessories treating fashionistas to the best of accessories. Unfortunately, many of the manufacturers of ear fashion accessories have failed to meet the demand of customers across the globe, as many of such items are either exorbitantly priced or do not offer the desired quality of customers. This is where Ever-Changing Jewelry is looking to make a huge difference in the ear accessories market.

Ever-Changing Jewelry has made a name for itself in the fashion industry, with its unique collections of handcrafted wood plugs, tunnels and accessories making it a force reckon with in the industry. The company’s combination of affordability and quality has ensured that it maintained its top position as a provider of ear fashion accessories.

Ever-Changing Jewelry’s recent free shipping offer on any order from $50 and above has further reiterated its commitment to providing affordable yet quality wooden ear accessories to customers across the globe.

Some of the newest arrivals of ear accessories include the flowing free of life glossy graphic olive wood dangle plugs, abstract arrow dangle drops on wooden ebony plug gauges, and ebony magnetic tunnels with detachable silver dipped leaf dangles.

ECJ unique collections include Glossy Graphics, Magnetic Tunnels with detachable dangle designs, handcrafted jewelry boxes, organic wooden plugs and tunnels, and dangle plug gauges.

In addition to the free shipping offer on all orders above $50, Ever-Changing Jewelry also offers an instant coupon worth $5 for signing up for an email subscription to their newsletter.

Ever-Changing Jewelry also ensures that humans are not made beautiful at the detriment of the environment as every purchase leads to the planting of a tree, thanks to its Buy one plant one campaign. Ever-Changing Jewelry donates a portion of the sale to a foundation that shares the same vision of sustainable fashion.

The free shipping offer can be enjoyed by using the code – 50FREE.

More information about Ever-Changing Jewelry and the products offered can be found on the website.

About Ever-Changing Jewelry

Ever-Changing Jewelry is a leading provider of premium quality handmade Organic Plugs, Tunnels, and accessories. Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in Colorado, sharing ECJ’s love of woodworking through every piece. Every piece of wood is different, which assures that every piece is as unique as its future owner.

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