“The plane is in the process of evacuating people from the island before it’s too late, when suddenly: Earthquake! Rockslide! Sinkholes! Fire! […] Planes exploding! Chaos.” – The Disaster Area on ‘THE CREW’.

Los Angeles, CA – August 6, 2018 – THE CREW adds up to one of the best disaster movies in a while, remarked The Disaster Area.

Directed by the talented, Russian writer-director, Nikolay Lebedev (The Star, Legend No. 17), THE CREW (aka Ekipazh) is an all-out, action disaster film that captures the exciting, shocking and struggle for survival. Gripping and intriguing, THE CREW has “characters you can root for, a restrained yet evocative score, and a tense storyline.” Watch it today on Amazon here:

THE CREW follows a young, egotistic pilot, Alexey Gushchin (Danila Kozlovsky), who is discharged from Russia’s military service and aircraft school and then joins Russia’s passenger airplane program. Like before, Alexey’s ego conflicts with his new strict crew commander, Leonid Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov) and beautiful co-pilot, Alexandra (Agne Grudyte). But, when Alexey’s aircraft’s radio receiver alerts of a disastrous and catastrophic erupting volcano that is reducing an island and its people to ashes. Arriving to the island to attempt the rescue mission, the flight crew collides with more conflict when “Alexey’s plane can’t take off because part of the main runway has been destroyed, and the secondary runway is on fire. What will they do?”

Alexey, Leonid and Alexandra must learn to work together despite the escalating struggle to survival to fulfill their courageous and selfless roles as pilots – to execute a successful rescue mission to land safely and evacuate the survivors. “What they’ll eventually do is spectacular and risky, and it only succeeds by all of them working together.”

THE CREW is an action-packed disaster film that grips viewers from beginning to end, with stunning cinematography and utilization of high-quality special effects to bring viewers along for the joy ride and perilous rescue mission. Cinematically groundbreaking in Russia, THE CREW is the second-ever Russian film shot using 3D IMAX cameras, creating elevated action sequences with spectacular VFX graphics and CGI effects. “The effects are just outstanding. Watching damaged planes attempt to take off while they’re being surrounded by flowing lava is a nail biter.”

“This throwback to Airport is the real deal, folks. It didn’t win Best Feature Film at the 2017 Russian APKIT awards for nothing. Highly recommended.”

Additionally at the 2017 Russian APKIT awards, THE CREW was also awarded six other wins – Special Prize, Golden Eagle Award – Best Feature Film, Best Visual Effects, Best Supporting Actor, Best Music and Best Film Editing.As the second-ever catastrophe film shot in the Russian Federation, THE CREW is a contemporary remake from Alexander Mitta, and is “definite improvement on its inspiration, 1980’s Air Crew (Ekipazh).”

THE CREW  “adds up to one of the best disaster movies I’ve seen in a good while” – and it’s your chance to watch it today on VOD platforms including Amazon here:

THE CREW features an all-star of Danila Kozlovsky (Vampire Academy, Legend No. 17), Vladimir Mashkov (Mission: Impossible), Lithuanian actress, Agne Grudyte (Single Valentine), Sergey Gazarov (Revizor, 12), Katerina Shiptsa (Metro, Gemini), Sergey Shakurov (Velikaya) and Sergey Romanovich (Pitch).

THE CREW (2018, 101 min.) Directed by Nikolay Lebedev. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Irek Hartowicz. Original Music: Artem Vassiliev. Russia, Cambodia, French, Russian, English. Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK), Central Partnership, TriCoast Entertainment.

Production companies: Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK).

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