DoraHacks as Bitmain’s Latest Strategic Investment: For the Evergrowing Prosperity of Global Geek Community

Bitmain has recently announced its latest strategic investment in DoraHacks. After this round of financing, DoraHacks will as always shoulder the responsibility of providing Hackers with service and infrastructure, connecting and collaborating them with each other so as to resolve the latest and most urgent problems occurring in all trades and professions refreshingly and efficiently.

Up to now, the investors of DoraHacks since its birth involve many individuals or institutions that exert profound influence on their fields respectively, such as Zhang Jiannan, TopHacker Group, 8 Decimals Capital, BA Capital, Bitmain, etc.

In addition, Tian Jia has joined DoraHacks as new director to speed up its further growth and serve more Hackers in the days to come. He is also the early investor of Bitfinex, a venture partner of Zhenfund and Metropolitan Capital and also the chief scientist of Cortex (CTXC).

You Bixue, Chief Investment Officer of Bitmain commented on this move as follows: “Hackathon is an important organization for connecting developers, and DoraHacks is one of the first companies to introduce hackathon into China. It has great influence among developer communities, especially those domestic ones. When DoraHacks co-works with block chain enterprises, it brings in new blood into the industry which helps with the general development. Moreover,  it  serves the developers better with more opportunities and experiences to cope with cutting-edge problems.”

Bitmain is a technology industry leader dedicated to the high-speed low-power design and R&D of customized chips. It has provided services to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

DoraHacks is the largest and most active Hackathon organizer and the largest Hacker community in the world. For four years since its establishment, DoraHacks has held hundreds of Hackathons globally with the achievement of more than 3,000 projects, offering over 20,000 people chances to hack and communicate, influencing 300, 000 developers altogether.

In the second half of 2018, DoraHacks will speed up its implementation of the 2018 Burning Star Program and hold more Hackathons in 26 cities of 17 countries worldwide. In the field of commercial aerospace, DoraHacks declared the Pleiades Program, which will launch an independent satellite to the LEO orbit circa the end of 2018 or early 2019 to develop a real DoraPlanet for Hackers on the earth. Launched also by DoraHacks, OpenDora, a social innovation movement makes it possible to organize and operate technology activities throughout the world on a frequent basis, the first batch of urban cities already established. This time, the collaboration between DoraHacks and Bitmain is bound to play a significant role in promoting global developer ecosystem.

Brother Ma (小马哥) is –

– CEO of BA Capital

– Co-founder of Hackers Fund

– Investor of Bitmain

Quotes from Brother Ma, CEO of BA Capital, Co-founder of Hackers Fund and investor of Bitmain:

“The strategic investment in DoraHacks by BA Capital, as well as the co-development of Hackers Fund with Dora Group, is rooted in the mutual benefit with regard to our respective strategic resources. DoraHacks is extraordinarily experienced in block chain competitions, for instance, DoraHacks has held nearly 50 competitions in 2017. Now DoraHacks has organized the most competitions and involved the most contestants among the world. In the years to follow, DoraHacks is probably going to be the biggest brand of block chain competitions for real due to the strategic America-centered layout. Hence, there will be wide-ranging resource interaction among games held by DoraHacks, Hackers Fund, block chain entrepreneurs, parent block chain projects, future Dapps, and exchanges. It is universally acknowledged that true success depends on resource of talents in any industries. Speaking of this, DoraHacks naturally possesses a large supply of talents and experts. We hope those competitions could bring even more value to all the block chain participants and look forward to following win-win cooperation in the future.”

Song Ting (宋婷) is –

Co-founder & CEO of DoraHacks 


To quote from Song Ting, the co-founder and CEO of DoraHacks, “The open source community is the key to the societal development and innovation. DoraHacks is an international geek organization with vitality, business potential and imagination. In 2018, we are going to organize blockchain-related frontier tech Hackathons in 17 countries, launch satellites in the possession of all of our Hackers, and initiate OpenDora, the national social innovation movement. We are going to redefine the interesting, beautiful, and creative Hacker lifestyles, and in the meantime emancipate developers: to set free production and imagination of open source community, and to encourage Hackers to make the  unlimited.”

“The block chain ecological developing structure and its organizational form identifies with those of open source community. The development of block chain brings brand new breakthroughs to the open source community. In the future, the underlying infrastructure of block-chain technology and business model will be open source technology communities that are low-centralized, globalized, information-sharing with autonomy. Only in this way will the block chain industry and its peripheral system embrace a real innovation.”

Zhang Jiannan (张剑南) is –

– Initiator of DoraHacks


As Zhang Jiannan, the initiator of DoraHacks says, “The most fundamental idea of the global hacker movement is to permanently allow permissionless innovation. DoraHacks is connecting hackers around the world to achieve this goal.”

Tian Jia (田甲) is –

– Early Investor of Bitfinex

– Venture Partner of Zhenfund & Metropolitan Capital

– Chief Scientist of Cortex (CTXC)

– Director of DoraHacks


Quotes from Tian Jia, director of DoraHacks:

“The hacker spirit, represented by DoraHacks, is the most subversive force under the current background of the slow-down in science and technology, economic growth, and the global transition from cooperation to regional division. It encourages Hackers worldwide to innovate, imagine, and create, fosters talents and their communication, and has achieved fruitful results.  For example, the co-founder and CTO of Cortex used to be the champion of a Hackathon organized by DoraHacks. Bitmain has a far-reaching and diversified layout in many industries including block chain, artificial intelligence, finance and the chip industry. The latest investment in DoraHacks will help both sides to explore the industry in depth, and spread hacker spirit to the interaction between sci-tech and humanities, which has never been reached before. Personally speaking, I am very optimistic about this cooperation as a consultant and investment partner of several investors in DoraHacks.”

Ruan Yubo (阮宇博) is –

– CEO of 8 Decimal Capital

As Ruan Yubo, CEO of 8 Decimal Capital says:

“This investment of Bitmain is of high strategic value: it will connect the industry and developer communities even closer. We’ve known Zhang Jiannan and DoraHacks Team for four years, and now as one of Dora’s business angels, we will continue to increase its global impact and upgrade its top-notch industrial resources, so as to ensure DoraHacks to be the world’s largest block chain developer platform.”

Li Jiang (黎江) is –

– CTO of Microsoft China

– Director of DoraHacks

Quotes from Li Jiang, CTO of Microsoft China, who once participated in DoraHacks Hackathon and later became director of DoraHacks:

DoraHacks is geek-centered, and unites all sources that can be utilized from home and abroad to aim at the issues,  co-work as a team, and ultimately create value of geeks.  This is absolutely a pioneering and subversive exploration! As  an important force to promote open source movement in China and even the world, DoraHacks team is sure to have a brilliant future waiting in front of them.  

About Bitmain

Founded in 2013, Bitmain has strong R&D capability in the field of ultra-high performance computing. It is now the second largest IC designer in China. Stemming from China, the company integrates cutting-edge R&D resources from a global perspective, committed to changing the world with innovation, science and technology.

Bitmain focuses on designing and developing high-speed low-power customized chips. It has rich experience in mass production of low-power 16nm integrated circuit with high performance, and has successfully designed and mass produced many ASIC customized chips and integrated systems. Bitmain offers service mostly to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users all over the world, its sales service covering over 100 countries and regions.

Bitmain now provides as underlying protocol support for block chain ecology, Antminer as hardware device support, Antpool as customized solution for SHA256 high-speed integrated operations, and HashNest for cloud computing service.

Moreover, with the maturity of ASIC customization and the advantages of IC design and mass production, Bitmain takes an active part in extending AI hardware and software products.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks ( is the most active Hackathon organizer and the largest Hacker community in the world. DoraHacks shoulders the responsibility of connecting the whole planet and providing Hackers with service and infrastructure, so as to contribute to a better world.

For four years since its establishment, DoraHacks has held hundreds of Hackathons globally with the achievement of more than 3,000 projects, offering over 20,000 people chances to hack and communicate, influencing 300, 000 developers altogether.

In 2018, DoraHacks launched the Burning Star Program, and is planning to hold Hackathons in 26 cities of 17 countries worldwide. In the same year, DoraHacks will launch an independent satellite to the outer space  as  a part of the Pleiades Program to better serve the Hackers. Besides, DoraHacks has established Hackers Fund in cooperation with BA Capital with the intention of supporting Hackers that help resolve future issues and boost the global tide of innovation and transformation.

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