Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery San Diego Utilizes The Latest In New Technology

San Diego, CA Beauty remains one of the biggest parts of an attractive personality and as such, over the years, several people who understand the power and importance of beauty have worked towards achieving the perfect look. However, a decline in beauty has been associated with an increase in age, therefore, demanding some procedures to reduce the impact of age on one’s beauty. More recently, however, Elle Magazine called out the biggest factor which could reveal the age of a person, the Neck adding that the jaws and neck may be the parts of the face which gives off the true age of a person. To keep this concealed, however, the team of experts at Feel Beautiful in San Diego, California are offering up their services in order to keep clients looking young and beautiful.

Describing the services offered at Feel Beautiful San Diego, the spokesperson for the beauty enhancement clinic said: “Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery is privileged to introduce the ThermiRF aesthetic system to Encinitas. ThermiRF is the first FDA approved aesthetic technology system that generates controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy (radio waves) for tightening the skin surface and reducing fat anywhere on the face or body.”

To mark the success of the new technology offered by Feel Beautiful, the February issue of the Elle Magazine introduced the cutting-edge anti-aging process known as ThermiRF, developed at Feel Beautiful under the leadership of Dr. Steve Laverson as “the new go-to technology that helps melt the “double chin” fat and tighten surrounding loose skin.”

Describing the procedure involved in the new technology dubbed the ThermiRF, Dr. Laverson,  a board member on the Clinical Advisory Board described all procedures involved as non-invasive or minimally-invasive with little to NO downtime. He further described the technological breakthrough as “an extremely effective procedure for people that are interested in seeing great results without going into the operating room.  By using radio frequency, I am able to use exact precision in a safe environment to achieve desired cosmetic results.”

The team of professionals working hand-in-hand with Dr. Steve Laverson, the Plastic Surgeon of Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery, have also perfected other beauty enhancement techniques and procedures which are tailored to refine shapes for men, arms, thighs, breasts, abdomen, skin, flanks, buttocks and more. The team at Feel Beautiful also offer additional services including Liposculpture, Labia-Vulva plastic surgeries, Weight loss surgeries, and mommy makeover services.

Breast related plastic surgeries, the team of professionals offers breast augmentation, breast lifts, implant choices and details, breast reduction and revision, breast reconstruction, and overall breast healthcare. In addition, Feel beautiful offer facial procedures – including brow lift, eyelids, nose, Asian eyelids, facelift, chin lift, lips procedures, non-surgical facial procedures, neck lift and skin enhancing procedures-.

For the best plastic surgical experience including Rhinoplasty, Labiaplasty, Neck Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and more, the team of professionals at Feel Beautiful San Diego can be reached via the company’s office located at 11199 Sorrento Valley Rd STE 202, San Diego, CA 92121 or via its hotline available Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on (858) 295-4001. Additional information can be sourced via the company’s website at https://feelbeautiful.com/, or by contacting them at info@feelbeautiful.com.

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