The social media industry and netizens are buzzed with the new player in the scene as a new member-based social networking platform takes its pride in itself as probably the most elite social network to date.

Meet Slaylebrity, a social media platform hosted by Slay Network. This was established and introduced in the mainstream social media scene last year with the goal to promote the elite and the most luxurious lifestyle trends from haute couture, to fitness, to luxury vehicles, travel, politics, famous personalities and even food trends that make the word elite very underrated.


Slaylebrity is simply a social media networking platform that sorts out those who in the topmost of the social status pyramid as most of its members are the elite of the elite in different sectors of the society aside from promoting kids couture fashion and many more.


Most of these people are influencers who excelled and became successful and ultra-popular in their chosen field. we all know that influencers are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business, politics, fashion, and luxury. Around the world nowadays that is why Slaylebrity is the perfect platform for these people to promote their respective cause, luxury brand advertising goals, trends and other stuff that for them will create the needed exposure, popularity and influence especially to the younger generations.



This is also to prevent the rampant fake following trend to many people who are self-proclaimed influencers in their own field as Slaylebrity aims to uphold the credibility and integrity of its elite members considering that it is pretty difficult to judge the authenticity of some influencers in the social media industry and Slaylebrity have successfully sorted out these elite personalities and provide them a niche where they can freely speak out, promote their products and causes and further grow their followers.

Most of these social media influencers are known for their excellence in the world of luxurious trends in fashion, lifestyle products and many more which sets them apart from your average social media influencers.

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat where the users do not have their own monicker, Slaylebrity calls its members as Slay bird where members can follow each other, like posts and pictures and leave comments on their wall posts.


However, due to its elite and luxurious nature, you have to pay a designated fee in order for you to be included as an influencer if you want to broadcast a post in your account. The fee is to prove that these influencers have the capacity for their luxury and promote their enviable lifestyle to the entire world while the network itself will sort out and remove all the fake follower trends that put a bad reputation to many social media platforms.

In order to become a member of Slaylebrity, each member is divided and identified into two different membership designation which is sloggers, and slaylebrities.

For slogger membership, the entry fee is $1,000 for a monthly fee or a whopping $12,000 and avail of the following perks; a $500-dollar credit to every account holder good for a month-long subscription that will be used to purchase the exclusive signature products that ranges to luxury clothes, shoes, and beauty products. Along with the perks and benefits is your personal social media manager that will promote and manage the social media content of your influencer brand.

For Slaylebrity membership, it is for people who have 500-thousand followers and above. This is actually an upgraded account for Sloggers who gained popularity and following. They will earn the ultra-elite status who will be exempted from the membership fees and other miscellaneous fees and you are instantly promoted and gains instant exposure and access to luxury brands around the world. Meaning, you will literally gain the elite status with the help of this social media platform.

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