Introducing the Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk with Smart Under-the-Desk Bike, the New Way to Work and Stay Healthy

Ergonomyx Technologies is pleased to announce an innovative system that motivates workers and employees to use sit-and-stand desks. The Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk with a smart under-the-desk portable bike is a new invention that allows and motivates employees to exercise before or during work, thus preventing stress, and increasing productivity and happiness. The Workspace Fitness solution will be launched in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show on January 8, 2019.

The new Under-the-Desk Bike is meant to help employees achiever higher performance and better health, optimism, and motivation while at work. The product uses smooth pedal motion with low vibrations and an adjustable magnetic resistance system. The bike is low-noise and maintenance free, and is portable, collapsible and allows for height adjustment.

The engineering team at Ergonomyx observed that fitness bands and phone apps were good motivators for activities such as running or walking, but not as good for inspiring workers in an office. The existing sit-and-stand desks were meant to prevent workers from easily getting fatigued, feel drowsy, or become prone to injuries. However, further research revealed that workers stopped using these desks after trying them for some time.

Ergonomyx has therefore created a product that combines the effectiveness of sit-and-stand desks and the motivation offered by fitness bands. The smart new desk can keep track of workers’ performance while they use the desk, and the bike promotes body movement and blood circulation. The phone app lets the users control the desk, adjust its height and the timer for indicating durations for the sit or stand positions. A new feature can ‘force’ the desk to slowly rise to a stand position, and users can also create challenges for co-workers or friends, and track their stats online.

Workspace Fitness Devices stimulate both body and mind, turning office hours from passive downtime into a total body multitasking experience. In combination with our Smart Sit and Stand Desk, our Under-the-Desk Bike is the perfect addition to the office workstation or home office,” said a spokesperson for Ergonomyx.

Among the many health benefits, the smart desk and bike lets users burn more calories, improves cognitive functions and stimulates problem solving and decision-making abilities, brightens the mood, reduces blood glucose levels, and is gentle on the joints. The product can be used at the workplace or at home by the entire family for activities such as reading and studies, watching TV or surfing the web.

Ergonomyx Technologies Canada Inc is a technology company located in Victoria BC. The company founders, together with a fantastic team of engineers and, with the help of angel investors and the Government of Canada, are fulfilling a dream of creating leading edge technology to help people live healthier lives. In this case, to reduce the risks of sitting behind the desk for long periods of time.

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