Adventis ENT Services Led by an ENT Specialist with Over 25 Years of Experience in Paediatric and Adult ENT

Adventis ENT Services is led by Dr. Ameet Kishore, an ENT specialist in India with over 25 years of experience in pediatric and adult ENT. Dr. Ameet Kishore provides expert opinion and treatment for disorders related to the ear, throat and voice, hearing and speech, head and neck as well as nose and sinus. He brings 15 years of international experience and advanced technology together to provide the highest level of medical management and personalized patient care.

Dr. Ameet Kishore is a graduate of the AFMC and has received specialized training in cochlear implants, microscopic ear surgery, neuro-otology, pediatric ENT and endoscopic sinus surgery at different centers in the USA, UK, and Europe. He is the lead surgeon for Apollo Hospitals’ cochlear and hearing implant programme. Dr. Ameet Kishore has performed more than 500 cochlear implant procedures in the past 8 years. His team has extensive experience in management of complex cochlear situations.

Dr. Ameet Kishore has received his training in the management of deafness and cochlear implantation at the National Centre for Cochlear Implantation in the UK. He routinely conducts endoscopic sinonasal surgical procedures, and he is proficient in the use of specialized tools like microdebriders, radiofrequency and balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Ameet Kishore can also perform orbital decompression, sphenopalatine artery ligation, dacryocystorhinostomy and other advanced endoscopic procedures. He works closely with his neurosurgical colleagues for managing the closure of CSF leaks and anterior skull base lesions.

His training and experience at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow has given him the knowledge and skills required to manage children’s ENT disorders. Dr. Ameet Kishore is well-versed in various procedures related to management of children’s ENT disorders such as pediatric tracheostomies, cricoid splits, and laryngo-bronchoscopy.

As Director and Chief Consultant for Adventis ENT Services, Dr. Ameet Kishore strives to fulfill the clinic’s goal of providing patients with the highest level of care and a multidisciplinary treatment approach. They want patients to feel confident that they are working with competent, experienced and caring health professionals.

The clinic offers cochlear implant surgery in India. The implant surgery is conducted under general anesthesia and takes an hour. Adventis ENT Services also provides sinusitis surgery in India. Treatment includes minimally invasive and precise video-endoscopic surgery of the sinuses and nose. For problems related to the ear, treatment includes management of cancerous and congenital disorders, ear infections, hearing disorders, balance disorders as well as cranial and facial nerve disorders. For concerns related to the throat, treatment includes management of disorders of the larynx, upper aerodigestive tract, and esophagus. For nose-related disorders, treatment includes treating problems of the nasal cavity, allergies, sense of smell, nasal respiration and paranasal sinuses.

About Adventis ENT Services:

Adventis ENT Services has a team of experienced ENT specialists who have years of experience in treating a wide range of illnesses related to the ears, nose, and throat.

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