The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

With the rise and prosperity of the digital cash market, the digital encrypt cash has become more and more popular in the last year, and all kinds of digital cash trading platforms have sprung up in the market like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The world of the future can be divided into two parts. That is, the traditional Internet world and block chain digital world. In the increasingly mature block chain digital world, the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank is the first to be established and and also the world’s first digital asset air bank.

A brief introduction to the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank:

BDB—its full name is Numbasa Digital Asset Bank, Chinese name: 币巴巴数字资产银行. It was founded in July 2017 by Baba Finance company in the United States. BDB fully opened all aspects of services including digital asset loan against collateral, digital asset management, digital asset fund management and so on. BDB aims to build a bank that provides professional financial services for digital cash fields through digital cash pledge, digital cash transaction levers allocation, entrusted digital cash quantified transaction, digital cash asset management and so on.It is committed to energizing the value chain of the block chain and reshaping the new pattern of global digital asset transaction market.

The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank 

The necessity of the establishment of the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

Based on solving the pain point of the traditional financial industry, Numbasa Digital Asset Bank makes use of the special attributes of the digital asset of block chain technology, such as decentralization, open transparency, global circulation, low transaction cost and so on. It realizes the complete transparency of the intelligent contract and the automation of the loan terms of the debtor and creditor. It realizes the automatic execution of the intelligent contract and reduces the risk immobilization of the error of manual operation. It realizes the intelligent contract can not be distorted , avoiding the risk of fraud in the process of borrowing.

The functional wallet and the online block chain digital loan against collateral contract of Numbasa Digital Asset Bank are expected to worldwide synchronization start to realize the online digital asset pledge and depository business in November 2018. All the pignorative contracts are completed on the block chain. At that time, it will work together with the 5A Digital Asset Exchange, the Numbasa Digital Cash Mall and the GALAXY FUND to create a digital cash 5acoin that can be circulated online and offline, and can be paid directly in the entity and the Internet. All digital assets offered by the BDB are settled through 5Acoin, which solves the problem of insufficient liquidity of cash due to the purchase of digital assets at the moment.

5Acoin becomes the settlement currency of BDB.

The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

5Acoin is a digital encrypted asset currency issued by 5A Digital Asset Exchange on the basis of ERC20 in Taifang. It is the platform passport of 5A Digital Asset Exchange and uses the mechanism of “transaction bonus”, “currency holding bonus” and “Pan ecological reward use” to complete the application of 5Acoin.60% of 5Acoin will be rewarded to community users through the “bonus transaction” model, 5% of the 5Acoin is allocated to institutions, CO founders, clubs, strategic partners, 15% as a risk reserve, 5% awards to VIP users, and 15% is allocated to the founding team. By holding 5Acoin, the user enjoys the daily bonus of the platform, the regular settlement, and the pan ecological reward: the users are in circulation in the designated pan ecological circle, and enjoy the financial adequate and systematic services in the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank, that is, the low interest rate or the interest free. These are all settled by 5Acoin, which aimed at creating a perfect digital asset ecosystem.

BDB join hands with the 5A exchange to build a real-time settlement network based on platform block chain to achieve free and efficient circulation of digital assets. BDB will subvert the finance banking and open up the new generation of digital asset banks.

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