Ruan Marinho’s Digital Marketing YouTube Channel Records Huge Growth

If anyone has any doubts on whether digital marketing works, the proof can be seen in the success of YouTube channels that are making big bucks on the back of their content. Ruan Marinho, the President of DeveloMark agency, which offers the most up to date SEO services, shares his own experience to encourage students and others to start their own channel and start earning.

Ruan’s YouTube channel has just crossed the 24,000 mark in terms of followers. His Instagram followers are upwards of 10,000. The Connecticut based SEO and digital marketing professional has witnessed a huge upswing in his business and online viewership. His YouTube channel is now growing in popularity thanks to its well-presented information and marketing credentials.

Starting a YouTube channel is often seen as a hobby for most people. But for digital entrepreneurs you can easily generate upwards of $100,000 per month on YouTube. This is important because many younger college students feel lost but don’t clearly understand that college is not the only route,” says Ruan.

Digital marketing is thus the gateway to generating traffic and income if used in the right way. These results are measurable for businesses and individuals, and Ruan’s agency shows clients how to succeed in this field by increasing traffic through search engine optimization. DeveloMark also consults clients and brands on what course of action is well suited to reach their objectives.

Ruan has emerged as a high in demand digital marketer who provides consistent content across digital properties. He is a mentor to hundreds of students, showing them the insider methods of marketing their business or ventures they are associated with. His YouTube channel is recording a growth of over 100 new subscribers each day, gaining popularity for its guides on SEO, Facebook ads and other digital marketing techniques.

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