Caloni Michelle Teaches the Art of Building Personal Brands and Turning Them into Businesses

Utah-based motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and “personal branding queen” Caloni Michelle teaches the fine art of “Creating the Business of You.”

By Zoey Thompson

Salt Lake City, Utah – Caloni Michelle is a woman on a mission. She wants to impact one million lives by helping others develop their natural talents into a business and brand. As the founder of Brandstrom – a personal branding agency – Caloni and her team deliver done-for-you packages with services including brand design, social media, digital marketing, and product/services development. She works with an individual’s unique skills and profession and builds out their online personal brand into a business. Working with entrepreneurs, social media influencers, coaches, CEOs, authors, and speakers, have helped her to cultivate her own unique approach to personal brand and business development. She has learned that success is a product of developing what you do well and scaling it appropriately. Her own virtual assistant match-maker company in the Philippines – Grow Virtual – has helped countless entrepreneurs and businesses save on costs as they scale towards success. 

“Some people would call me a ‘branding expert’,” she says. “But I actually do a lot more than just ‘branding.’ I take someone’s personal brand and develop it into a sustainable business. Far too many people underestimate that their skills, unique life experiences and expertise do not have value in the market place. I show people how to attract and develop customers based on what they want to do and be.”

Her companies, training and mentoring programs have helped countless individuals develop a sustainable business based on their own vision of what their personal brand could be. As she often tells her clients, It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. Her goal is to empower others to take a risk on themselves and create a business that they will comfortably wear daily. Caloni often says, “We are all walking billboards.”

“No one should ever have to work at a job they hate,” she says. “But it is so much worse when that job is your business and you were the one who started it. I teach people how to create a life from what they love and what they’re good at.”

Her social media platforms, training programs, online instructions, and one-on-one mentoring have already been the impetus for hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop their skills into viable personal brands and businesses.  On June 19th, she hosted the first ever LinkedIn Local event in her community that she hopes will be the first of many. For those who cannot make it to her upcoming LinkedIn events, she will have a series of workshops later this year to help motivate, refine, and develop business concepts into viable personal brands. The award-winning entrepreneur says that her commitment to clients doesn’t stop when the event ends, and promises to make herself available to people who are serious about building the life of their dreams.

For more information, visit her personal website or her agency’s website.

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