WooCommerce Support Options Explained by Logic Inbound

If you’re interested in WooCommerce as an ecommerce platform but not really in developing a site yourself, you can always avail help from authorized WooExperts or reputable full service digital agencies which specialize in WooCommerce development.
Being a popular ecommerce product with lots of features and functionality, it’s only natural that there will be people who have questions about it. We’re not suggesting that WooCommerce has a steep learning curve, in fact it’s quite intuitive and user-friendly. But still, there are going to users who’re dealing with the more complex and technical aspects of the platform. And if they run into problems, they’ll have to look somewhere for WooCommerce support.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and capable ecommerce platforms available today. It carries a rich feature set by default and is virtually endlessly extensible thanks to being open-source. This coupled with it being completely free to download to use has made it fierce competitor to even established players like Shopify and Magento. Nearly 30% of all ecommerce sites use WooCommerce, and with that popularity there comes the need to support users who need help.

Being open-source, WooCommerce does not have the sort of extensive support channels offered by paid platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Also, while it’s certainly not a difficult platform to work with, it’s not as easy to use as its hosted competitors. Hence, there are bound to be users who need help with various WooCommerce problems.

Fortunately, thanks to WooCommerce’s popularity there are plenty of ways to get help and support. Logic Inbound, a digital marketing agency based in Seattle, has recently published an article which explores the various options which can be used to get help with any sort of WooCommerce-related issues.

The first resource that every WooCommerce user should consult is the official WooCommerce FAQ page. This page is maintained by Automattic (WooCommerce’s owner) and contains vital information about the platform’s features and functions. The FAQ is divided into categories so finding information for the feature you’re looking for becomes easier. The Woo support team also offers a way to get into direct contact with them, provided that you’re willing to wait a considerable amount of time. Registered WooCommerce users can submit a support request via a ticketing system which is managed by Automattic employees. Responses can take up to 48 hours, so this is method of contacting support isn’t recommended for urgent issues.

For faster responses, users can try posting on the official WooCommerce subforum on the WordPress.org forums. These forums are often times being used by Automattic employees so chances are that the query will be handled by one of them as well. What’s more, there are plenty of WooCommerce users around so this forum tends to be quite active.

Besides the official WooCommerce support channels, there are unofficial WooCommerce communities as well that can be a great source of help. The WooCommerce subreddit for example is frequented by veteran Woo developers and are a great place to ask for help / suggestions even regarding complex problems. Similarly, there’s a very active Slack group for WooCommerce which is moderated by experienced WooCommerce developers. These communities are a great way to get in touch with actual human beings. What’s more, response times here are much quicker than the aforementioned ticketing system.

For users who’re looking for professional support, full service digital marketing agencies can be of great assistance. These not only provide technical support but will also counsel merchants on how they can take their ecommerce business to the next level. A successful WooCommerce store requires much more than just skillful development – it has to have a solid marketing strategy that attracts customers.

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