The 2018 application forum of XYCC blockchain technologies achieved great success

The 2018 application forum of XYCC blockchain technologies which is the mid-year summarize based on the reconstructing new ecology concept was grandly held in the Pattaya International Convention Center, Thailand by Sino-US Blockchain Association, Mars Finance, CRYPTO STRATEGIES on July 26-27, 2018.

The theme of the 2018 application forum of block chain technologies.

Celebrities in this area gathers here to explore the future trend of blockchain.

In the forum, we have the celebrities of famous angel investor ManZi Xue, economic expert XueHui He, the former Deutsche Bank Chief Technology Officer of Oceania John Baird, Dirk von Felbert of Pard Asia, Chairman of the North American Blockchain Foundation, Founder of nuclear chain, Chief technology architect of IEC blockchain WenYan Tan, member of Royal Society in London JianHao Li, Founder of Genesis Space Alex, Blockchain core architect Jun Zhang, founder and CEO of Wanshare, Blockchain industry eco-investors Jin Wang, founder of XYCC blockchain Xia Chen, XYCC Project Strategy Consultant, Blockchain Lecturer Trainer BoWen Pan, Blockchain evaluation agency Bitoranges, Token Insight, Sphinx rating, APElink, Chain review, Block Ark, HC INGHT, SNC STANDARD & CONSENSUS and those influential companies and people from the world in this area, Core research institution, Quality projects, Dozens of international blockchain capitalists, Thousands of elites, including representatives of authoritative evaluation agencies and active blockchain enthusiasts from the world, They came here to exchange ideas, share resources, explore cooperation opportunities, and build a new business ecosystem in the blockchain.

Celebrities coming here to seek common development.

It’s a feature that the round table made up of professional evaluation agencies. The representatives expressed their views on the current status of the blockchain industry from those professional evaluation agencies of SNC standard & consensus, HC INSIGHT, TokenInsight, Sphinx rating, Bitoranges, APElink, lianping, Block Ark. They compare the evaluation agency to a mirror of the blockchain project, evaluating the quality and risk of the project fairly and objectively by many aspects in project team, technical framework, market operation, community analysis, etc. At the same time, in the forecast and outlook of the blockchain industry in the second half of 2018, blockchain industry and evaluation are still in the early development, but more and more projects will be implemented in the future. The evaluation agency will also continue to work towards open and credibility. Sharp evaluation and professional interpretation of investment strategies and trends for the majority of blockchain investors, and it has played a guiding role and huge influences for the positive development of the entire industry.

Major professional evaluation agencies published their opinions

The XYCC road show project has got a great success.

BoWen Pan, The strategic consultant of XYCC, he made a keynote speech, explaining the 8 core application scenarios of the XYCC:

1. To prepare healthy sperm and ovum in advance for future fertility.
2. Test-tube baby, when there is a fertility problem, it is the only choice to use scientific means to get a baby.
3. Assisted reproduction for families who have lost their children in their old ages.
4. Parturition of women, XYCC has more professional doctors and more advanced technology to ensure the safety of mommy and baby.
5. Cord blood storage, the whole family members can use the cord blood for new cell therapy.
6. Confinement center, we can take care of the puerperas use scientific ways, so that they will get a safe and comfortable experience during the confinement period.
7. Genetic testing, prevention of disease in advance through it.
8. Stem cell beauty technologies to keep people young.

8 core application scenarios of XYCC

We could say XYCC project is definitely a report on the successful application not only a road show. In the first half of the forum, various assessment agencies talked about the team and project situation into practice, application scenarios and other issues for how to judge the blockchain project. XYCC project has been fully applied including ten thousand confinement centers, lecturer team of thousands people, global partner program, hospital investment and construction etc., and this projects are processed in an orderly manner. All the applications of XYCC are supported by practical application, all items are paid by XYCC virtual currency, and the industry status of the entire XYCC has taken initial form and is accelerating the construction of the XYCC ecosystem.

XYCC project strategy consultant Mr. Bowen Pan gave a keynote speech

Ms. Xia Chen, the founder of the XYCC blockchain:

According to incomplete statistics, the number of infertile people in China has reached 50 million. Although the second child policy has been fully released, but the thing is more families get infertility problem. “In the past 16 years of infertility medical industry, I have seen too many families who have suffered a lifetime because of no children”, she said.

Ms. Xia Chen, founder of XYCC, talks about the application and promotion of XYCC.

XYCC is a career that can help others solve the infertility problems and achieve ourselves. It is not a virtual digital currency, but the real application and promotion, XYCC share the most benefit to the customers and partners. XYCC is a scientific fertility technology to serve people around the world, a blockchain that maintains life health, and also a blockchain that creates birth and protects life. Ms. Xia Chen hopes that she can help thousands of families those have fertility problems through XYCC blockchain and help them regain “happy pregnancy”.

Ms. Xia Chen, the founder of XYCC blockchain, she has proved the belief and high-level vision of the XYCC blockchain with countless facts. As they clarified and what they have done, XYCC is a real practical project, in the global business, they do their utmost to help each family solve fertility problems, regain happiness and bring “happy pregnancy”!

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