Lisna Waters Offset Quadrant Steam Shower Enclosures from JT Spas Now Available In Left- And Right-Handed Models

The JT Spas collection of steam showers is one of the most extensive and affordable collections one will ever find on the Internet, and this is proven once again with the latest offset quadrant steam showers available from JT Spas. Today, JT Spas offers these Lisna Waters steam shower enclosures in both left- and right-handed models.

JT Spas has always understood that the bathrooms of today are no longer the same as the bathrooms of yesterday. In years past, bathrooms were just functional spaces where people took their baths or showers, groomed and styled themselves, and so on. But today, bathrooms are seen more as an extension of the bedroom – a place where people can relax and invigorate themselves without worrying about the constraints of time. It is one reason why bathrooms have become a lot more luxurious, and JT Spas aims to help those who want a more luxurious yet functional bathroom by providing customers with any and every bathroom product they need.

One of the most popular offerings at JT Spas is its steam showers. Steam showers are designed to produce steam and moisture, adding to the whole shower experience. With the combination of steam and hot water, anyone can become revitalised.  Steam has been proven to have a lot of benefits for everyone, and it has benefits for the skin, the respiratory system, and the joints and muscles.

For anyone looking for the right steam shower, JT Spas offers a lot of options. One such option is the Lisna Waters offset quadrant steam shower, which is larger than the standard quadrant shape. What’s more, JT Spas offers it in both left-handed and right-handed versions. The Lisna Waters steam shower in an offset quadrant shape is available in a white finish from JT Spas, with a significant discount to boot. The steam shower cabin, which had an original price of £1599, is now offered for only £945, giving customers a discount of up to £654. The left-handed and right-handed models can be chosen based on the bathroom’s configuration and design, but both steam shower models are equipped with touch control panels, FM radios and Bluetooth connections, chromotherapy lighting, and six massage jets expressly for the back. There is also a modern stool in each shower enclosure allowing for enhanced convenience while using the shower. To get to know the varied collection of steam showers offered by JT Spas, check out

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JT Spas promises quality and affordability when it comes to a wide array of bathroom products, from small products such as accessories and taps to big products such as shower enclosures and baths. For those who are looking for high-quality steam showers, go to the JT Spas site.  

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