New book by Pittsburgh author and musician spreads the message of peace & compassion in today’s warring times

“Please Stop Hurting the World” is a new book by Pittsburgh author & musician Ben Smiley which talks about peace, compassion and inclusiveness in modern conflicting times.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 8, 2018 – In the mid of conflicts and violence taking on the headlines every other day, here is a news to rejoice. Pittsburgh author and musician Ben Smiley has penned a new poetry book which aims to spread goodness in today’s warring times through its beautiful message of peace and compassion. Rightly titled “Please Stop Hurting the World”, the upcoming book encourages to choose charity over war, compassion over envy, and peace over greed.

“Please Stop Hurting the World” will be officially released on Amazon on August 6, 2018, in both paperback and digital forms. This is going to be the first published book from the author.

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the upcoming release of my first book. It took me two long years of hard work to sum up the book and finally it’s ready for the press. I am hopeful the book will be able to strike the chords with the readers”, stated Ben Smiley while announcing the launch of his book.

“Please Stop Hurting the World” starts on a positive note and provides a different outlook on politics and community. Through its poems, it has strived to weave a bright and sensible world that talks about inclusiveness instead of division. The book presents deep insights about profound philosophical ideas and moral values conveyed through easy to read concise poetries. It also talks about the pathos of heartbreak & depression and how to overcome them with a positive mindset.

The author initially wanted to write a philosophy book about compassion. But sudden change of events in his life rendered him with new realizations which he morphed into a collection of poems about compassion, pain, loss, sadness, community, and charity.

“We are living in a conflicting time today where we start our morning with gory reports of violence, greed, envy and lack of sympathy and sensibility in people. It’s a dark time for humanity and my book is aimed to spread some positive light in the modern war-torn world.”

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