Quzhou City Brand Release Conference was Held in Beijing, Ctrip Promoting Quzhou’s Domestic and Overseas Tourism Brands

On the morning of 4 August, City Brand Release Conference for “Propriety Quzhou: Holy Land of the Southern Confucian Clan” and Policy Promotion Conference for Global Gratis Tour in Quzhou were held in Beijing, in order to facilitate the launch of “1433” Strategic System of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee, promote the City Brand of “Propriety Quzhou: Holy Land of the Southern Confucian Clan”, revitalize the ancient city and its culture, and speed up efforts to build the Best Propriety City.

Ctrip’s Destination Marketing Department was invited to the conference as a partner of the Quzhou Municipal Tourism Commission. While Ctrip Group is a leading online travel service provider in China, Ctrip’s Destination Marketing Department, as a representative of the Group, manages integrated marketing and product cooperation with global destination governments, tourism authorities, scenic spots and peer partners, which connects destinations and travelers professionally and implements all-round Smart Travel.

Thumbs up for Propriety Quzhou by Tang Feifan, the Deputy Secretary of the Quzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Quzhou

Tang Feifan, the Deputy Secretary of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Quzhou, announced the City Brand of Quzhou at the conference. He pointed out that City Brand, as a city’s exclusive name card, conveys city spirits and values and showcases its historical and cultural genes and unique resources. The unique cultural ethos of Quzhou is summarized by the brand of “Propriety Quzhou: Holy Land of the Southern Confucian Clan”.

When introducing the policy of Global Gratis Tour in Quzhou, Zheng Qiping, the Director of Quzhou Municipal Tourism Commission said, “Quzhou is a city of openness. In recent years, Quzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have taken big steps to advance whole-region tourism, carry out the policy consecutively and boost awareness of the City Brand, namely ‘Propriety Quzhou: Holy Land of the Southern Confucian Clan’. In the future, Quzhou will take in-depth measures and strive to achieve the great vision of ‘Whole City, All Attractions, All Free’ in the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020).”

Since 2 January 2018, domestic and overseas tourists can visit 13 scenic spots (Lanke Mountain, Yaowang Mountain, Tianji Dragon Gate, Longyou Grottoes, Longyou Residential Estates, Mt. Jianglangshan, Xianxia Pass, Nianbadu, Qingyang Village, Fugai Mountain, Sanqu Stone Forest, Root Palace and Buddhist Country Cultural Tourist Area and Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park) across the city for free except for national holidays and weekends, a total of 243 free days throughout the year. The above policy is known as Global Gratis Tour in Quzhou.

The timetable of 2018 Global Gratis Tour in Quzhou

On 28 June 2018, relevant departments of Quzhou responded to the Belt and Road Initiative actively by organizing the Quzhou International Tourism Promotion Conference. At the conference, Quzhou gave a full description of local high-quality tourism resources to global popular tourist destinations such as Argentina, Sri Lanka and Thailand and shared successful experience in tourism development. Meanwhile, Quzhou has set intentions of long-term exchange and cooperation with several consulates in China and reached a consensus with dozens of overseas travel agencies.

Ctrip’s Destination Marketing Department has already formed a close partnership with the Quzhou Municipal Tourism Commission. Ctrip will precisely introduce the policy of Global Gratis Tour in Quzhou to users and further establish the brand of Propriety Quzhou by advertising destination characteristics, integrating online-offline resources and providing Big Data services. In terms of overseas promotion, Ctrip’s Destination Marketing Department will leverage Trip.com, Ctrip’s overseas platform, to initiate multi-site and multi-language promotion for over 25 million foreign members, deepen travel preference analysis, and provide tourists at home and abroad with premium travel products and services based on Quzhou’s high-quality tourism resources.

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