With a New Impressive Range of Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier in Stock, China-hifi-Audio is Drawing Attention of Worldwide audiophile

The tube amplifier online shop brings several new amplifiers, such as the Line Magnetic Audio LM Tube Amplifier and the single ended amplifier for all music lovers.

Customers can now explore the newly introduced tube amplifiers by China-hifi-Audio. The online store brings some feature-rich tube amplifiers that will enhance the music listening experience of people. These are 100% brand new products, available at affordable prices. One can place an order for any of these products and devices, including amplifiers, listed on the website, and they will ship it at the doorstep of the customer.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they aim at becoming a single-stop online shop for tube amplifiers and other related products, such as audiophile cables, vacuum tube, power filter socket, pre-amplifiers and lots more. They have now introduced the Line Magnetic Audio LM Tube Amplifier, which comes with a remote control for all functions. The amplifier, with tube cage cover, can have two kinds of sound. The amplifier features a handmade construction with a point-to-point wiring. It has been fitted with a specially designed transformer for power supply, while two EI output transformers with an ample bandwidth are also applied. It also features SoftStart and a time-delay circuit.

With a New Impressive Range of Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier in Stock, China-hifi-Audio is Drawing Attention of Worldwide audiophile  

One can also check out the single ended amplifier that has recently been added in their stock. This integrated amplifier can also serve the purpose of a power amplifier. It also comes with a remote control and allows users to control the volume and the mute function from a significant distance. With a single ended design and point-to-point finest hand welding, it is a pure class A integrated amplifier with eight watts per channel. It also comes with 4 pairs of speaker terminals on the back panel for 4, 8 or 16 ohm speakers. With an easily installed tube cage cover, it achieves a long-lasting durability. The amplifier has also been applied with the Japanese grade ALPS volume potentiometer for a better performance.

The spokesperson states that besides tube amplifiers, they also have different products in their stock. For example, they have the Copper Colour audiophile cable, available from one to 50 meters length. However, the length of the cable can be customized as per the customer’s demand and one can request for the price for the custom cable length. One can also choose from RCA and XLR plug pairs. With the best quality copper alloy conductor, the cable features DuPont Teflon insulation. The cable is also provided with the copper shield and the tin film for an anti-vibration and an anti-static treatment. It features a spiral internal structure that makes it perfect for a long-term use.

One can check the specifications and features of all tube amplifiers available on the web store of China-hifi-Audio by visiting their website https://www.china-hifi-audio.com.

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