The Big Switch Infographic is a Big Hit with the Eco Community

Cathedral City, California – The well-known blog LED Light Guides has a long-standing reputation as a leading provider of information on all the best lighting products, but they have set their sights on something bigger. LED Light Guides has recently published an infographic detailing all the benefits of switching to light emitting diodes, and it is a huge hit among the green living community.

With the stream of new illumination options and other energy saving gadgets constantly coming on to the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are best. Each will claim to be the most energy efficient or environmentally friendly, which makes it hard and time consuming for the average buyer to discern fact from fad. Not too long ago, fluorescent bulbs were being hailed as the ecologically friendly, energy-efficient alternative to the old incandescent bulbs. Just as people were making the change, LED lighting came on to the scene. This has now been around for a few years; and most people have heard of it in passing, but few realize they are even better than fluorescent lamps when it comes to energy consumption.

To address this issue, LED Light Guides has published an infographic that clearly presents fact-based arguments as to why this is the most energy-efficient available (read it here The infographic is part of a larger initiative called The Big LED Switch, a movement aimed at reducing global energy consumption by persuading consumers to make the switch to greener energy sources.

As the infographic illustrates, LED is now the most energy efficient illumination option available. In fact, a global switch to this kind of bulb could reduce the world’s energy consumption from lighting by up to 40%. It goes on to point out that using this alternative is also cost efficient to the consumer, and a single bulb will soon offset the cost of its purchase. A singlelight emitting diodebulb lasts about 20 times longer than traditional halogen and incandescent options, and about 2-4 times as long as fluorescent lamps. Perhaps most importantly to consumers, the infographic shows that switching to green energylamps can reduce a bill by 90%.

LED Lighting Guide’s infographic is a powerful tool for The Big Switch initiative. It is easy to read and digest, and clearly lays out compelling reasons why everyone should make the switch.

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