CA Reshape the Blockchain Payment New Era, Leading the New Tide of Global Digital Economy

On August 10, 2018, hosted by Blockchain Assets and co-organized by three blockchain companies from different regions, the “2018 Global Conference Blockchain Asset Developers”, was held in Seoul, South Korea. Together with a few blockchain project teams and dozens of well-known media, Blockchain Assets discussed the important role of blockchain technology in the global financial payment field.

Anderson Miller, founder of Blockchain Assets, said, “Blockchain technology has unparalleled strength in the global payment industry. Many difficulties such as paying for data storage, sharing mechanisms, platform trust issues, security issues, etc. can be overcome by using blockchain technology, and blockchain technology will lead human mankind to a new era of financial payment economy.”

Anderson Miller is a member of the European Blockchain Association, a European blockchain technologist, a leading R&D staff member of Blockchain Assets, and a founder of R2. He also has been involved in the development of many well-known blockchain public chain technologies. Anderson Miller found the great value of Blockchain Assets when participated in the development of the underlying blockchain technology. Based on the existing features of Blockchain Assets, Anderson Miller first proposed the project Blockchain Assets in London, UK in 2018.

Blockchain Assets is the world’s top encryption digital asset developed by the US CA community. According to the project party, the US CA team began to engage in the development and application of blockchain technology in 2011 and participated in the development of the EU blockchain foundation system. In the same year, Blockchain Assets established the blockchain payment system with the Bank of Mexico. In 2015, Blockchain Assets established a mining filed with over 10,000 miners and blockchain R&D centers in Canada, Russia and Malaysia. In 2017, the CA technical team and the major investment groups achieved a global strategic cooperation, committing to building a global ecological application platform of blockchain payment.

Blockchain Assets is committed to building a comprehensive ecological blockchain application platform for international online shopping that links consumers and businesses around the world. In another words, it will use the cutting-edge blockchain technology to reshape the new pattern of digital asset payment and truly realize the global digital assets circulating in a seamless and efficient way. Blockchain Assets has an issued volume of 180 million. It applies a new mechanism of tpos, pow and dpos. Compared with the traditional PSP, owd and pos mechanisms, it greatly improves the block speed, creating a new highly trustworthy payment environment for global consumers, which is a high-quality blockchain digital asset that can truly realize the infinite value-added of ordinary people’s wealth.

Blockchain Assets innovatively builds CA international payment wallet with blockchain technology, which perfectly creates a blockchain business application alliance that links consumers and businesses around the world. The Blockchain Assets transferring payment system is characterized by high efficiency, high security, high availability and high scalability. Blockchain Assets uses blockchain technology and uses distributed computing, allowing each user to check the transaction status with passwords, the funds being cleared in real time, which not only reduces transaction costs and risks, but also greatly improves transaction efficiency. At the same time, Blockchain Assets is based on the blockchain-based cross-border payment business model, which can move out the third-party financial institutions, realizing 24-hour payment, real-time payment, easy withdrawal of cash, and no hidden cost, those advantages are obvious. Moreover, the transferring ways of funds are gradually various, blockchain payment technology will have broader development prospects in the field of cross-border payments.

At the end of the conference, Anderson Miller, the founder of Blockchain Assets, sincerely hopes to work with people of insight in the industry to accelerate the integration of blockchain technology development and global payment scenarios to create a safe and efficient zone. Blockchain full ecological payment service platform, deepening the continuous advancement of digital technology, I believe that Blockchain Assets will lead the world into the new economic era in the near future, redefining the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology in the field of digital payment, and will lead the world to a new wave of digital economy payment!

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