New Korola Paint Pens Launched for Awesome Artistic and Design Works on All Surfaces

Aug 10, 2018 – Creative minds need suitable materials to express their imagination in matching strokes and colors. Korola Paintings is pleased to announce the launch of the exquisite Korola paint pens that can write on a wide range of surfaces with the finest results.

Korola paint pens come in a pack of 12 (6 regular colored, 2 metallic and 4 glitter markers) to make artistic impressions on a wide range of surfaces, from glass, leather, wool and metal to ceramic, plastic, and are also good for rock and mug painting for both kids and adults.

Paints and brushes can get too messy and aren’t suitable for every occasion. Korola pens make painting and drawing effortless and easy, and can be used to make windows and mugs personalized and artistic. The pens are made with finest quality, are water based and completely non-toxic, and hence safe for kids. The designs are long lasting and quick drying and do not easily allow for smudges and mistakes.

Our colorful pens will give you a magnificent paint effect for elegant creations. The colors can also be mixed, just like real paint, so you can create your very own shades,” said a spokesperson for Korola Paintings.

The premium Korola paint pens can be bought from Amazon.

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