CA Strikes into the Trillion-level Digital Assets Market, Embracing the Digital World with the Globe

On August 13th, “BCAS Blockchain Assets Global Conference of Blockchain Industry, New York Station” was officially held in the United States. This conference consisted of technology sharing, roundtable discussions and project roadshows, bringing the top talents together from more than 10 countries of the world, such as the United States, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, etc. Tom Scavo, Technical Development Director of Blockchain Assets, and Peter Gregory, Development Manager, had a deep discussion and experience sharing at the conference on the theme of “Blockchain Assets CA International Commercial Payment Wallet” with 1,600 participants. 

Blockchain Assets is an encrypted digital asset developed by the world’s top blockchain research team, US CA team, the total issued value of which reached 180 million. It applied a new mechanism of tpos, pow and dpos. Compared with the traditional PSP, owd, pos mechanism, it greatly improves the block speed, providing the bank with the channel to explore the blockchain technology and establish the blockchain conceptual products. As a completely decentralized asset digitalization platform and tool, Blockchain Assets aims to create a new concept and system of wealth accumulation and asset exchange, allowing assets to flow freely. Through seeking global super nodes, the Blockchain Assets applicators who segment and own the international super nodes will gain the first-mover of market resources, linking the world and opening a new era of true digital assets.

The outbreak of digital assets is about to move from the existing billion-dollar market to the trillion-dollar market. The US CA team has created a global payment-encrypted digital asset-Blockchain Assets with a market sense and top blockchain technology. According to the prediction of the authoritative organization, the market valuation of Blockchain Assets has reached 1 billion US dollars. At the beginning of this year, the Blockchain Assets has obtained financing of up to 30 million US dollars from 13 institutions in the United States, Japan and South Korea.

During the conference, Peter Gregory, development manager of Blockchain Assets, said: Blockchain will redefine human life, but the efficiency of current blockchain technology is not as high as people expected, and even many blockchain applications are difficult to have a truly landing. However, the unique blockchain technology of Blockchain Assets solves this problem perfectly.

According to the project party, the Blockchain Assets platform has experienced a three-year real-time verification and has already obtained practical commercial applications in many domestic heavyweight overseas multinational enterprises. The application scenario is the Global Blockchain Business Application Alliance. The BCAS using scenario covers the global commercial payment and cross-chain wallet industry.

In the conference, based on blockchain technology, Blockchain Assets developed one centralized cross-chain wallet that combined the universal wallet, lightning payment, blockchain exchange, P2P chat, which has received great attention and hot discussions. This is a decentralized cross-chain wallet developed by the Blockchain Assets, which has better privacy policy and can verify the validity of transaction data locally, and increase the transaction speed and transaction cost while giving users confidence. The benefits of the environment will greatly reduce the threshold for the use of digital assets and accelerate the spread of digital assets.

At the end of the conference, Tom Scavo, director of technology development for Blockchain Assets, said: In addition to continuously strengthening the technological leadership of Blockchain Assets, Blockchain Assets will continue to release new assets and applications on the chain, which will fully expand the ecological structure of Blockchain Assets and enrich the vitality of Blockchain Assets, Blockchain Assets will be the basis for future new technology development and new application release.

Blockchain Assets is changing and even reshaping the basic framework of the digital asset industry, accelerating the circulation of the digital asset industry, greatly improving the operational efficiency of digital assets, and reshaping the credit-delivery exchange mechanism. As digital assets move from the tens of billions of dollars to the trillions of dollars, the BCAS coins issued by the Blockchain Assets of the Global Blockchain Business Application Alliance will soon become thousands of coins, ten thousand coins or even millions of coins, the potential of appreciation is immeasurable.

The indications above all show that the changes brought about by Blockchain Assets for finance, digital assets, and global commercial payments have begun, and are also accelerating, and will be trending. Under the megatrend, international financial giants have entered the market. What’s more, many domestic and foreign companies, investors and entrepreneurs are catching up as well. Blockchain Assets is about to lead the world and embrace the digital world!

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