New device uses magnetism to save home heating fuel

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Peter Kulish’s Super Saver lowers fuel costs, lowers heating costs and reduces emissions.

Peter Kulish, a scientist from the Philadelphia area, has made a major breakthrough in home heating efficiency. His new invention, the Super Saver, uses magnetic fields to reduce natural gas, propane and oil consumption by 20-40 percent while also decreasing harmful emissions.

“Years ago I found out that people were using magnets in Europe to make water soft and that NASA magnetically treated rocket fuel to make it burn more efficiently, thus expanding the range of the rockets,” said Kulish. “Not only was less fuel used but it burned more efficiently so emissions were reduced. Later on, I learned that magnetism can also make plants grow bigger.”

Suitably inspired, Kulish founded EnviroMagnetics, a company dedicated to developing new and better applications for magnets. His latest project is the Super Saver, an inexpensive magnetizing device that easily attaches to fuel lines. It can be used by virtually any homeowner or small business.

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How does it work? “Fuel molecules tend to stick together and form clusters,” explained Kulish. “These clusters can’t burn efficiently so a lot of unburned fuel goes up the chimney. When energized with the magnets, the clusters break up and burn more efficiently, saving fuel and reducing emissions. The result is lower fuel costs, lower heating costs and less pollution.”

The Super Saver has been tested in homes using natural gas and oil heat, with the savings reported at 20-40 percent. Savings vary with the efficiency of the furnace.

The next step is to obtain official certification for the Super Saver certified so it can be brought to market. About $15,000 is required for testing and Kulish figures he’ll need another $20,000 for public relations and marketing.

To generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $30, backers will receive a motorcycle Super Saver. It clamps onto the fuel line and reduces gasoline consumption by 20-40 percent. The Super Saver for an oil or gas furnace is available for a $79 contribution.

“We’ve been working on this project for years and it’s finally ready,” Kulish said. “We are very proud of what our fuel-saving technology can do for everyone and we’re hoping people will support us in our effort to obtain certified testing. This product can help us move toward a revolution of savings and cleaner air that we all need.”

For additional information, visit; the EnviroMagnetics website,; or the EnviroMagnetics Facebook page,

Kulish can be reached directly at Office@EnviroMagnetics.Net

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