While Men Shred Pounds On Low-Carb Diets, Women Experience Better Artery Life

One out of three American adults is known to have higher than normal blood sugar levels according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The recent studies have shown men to lose weight on a low-carb diet and the women are experiencing improved artery flexibility. This study may help pre-diabetic women to reduce cardiac risks.

The research previously has shown that as the women age their blood vessels stiffen more compared to men, putting them at the risks of heart diseases said Elizabeth Parks, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at MU. Also, she said that rather than stiffening the vessels one shall want to make them flexible so they expand slowly as the blood flows through them.

A study done at MU had shown that the low carb diets succor to reduce the stiffness of arteries in women and that may, in turn, lessen the risks of developing solemn heart conditions. In order to compare the scenario, the vessels were compared to be like rubbers hose that similar to plastic pipe becomes stiff with time. On pouring water, it makes the hose bends and flexes making its way through.

A human body depicting the same picture elaborate that for a good health flexible, resilient arteries are important. Accelerated by the obesity the artery health can vary and it’s important to keep the controlled weight as you age and keep a check on a diet.

The study was based on 20 middle-aged pre-diabetic men and women that were restricted to carb meals only; for such recipes and diet plans you may look up to http://reviewsbytina.com/category/cooking-and-food/. MU Nutrition Center for Health supervised them for two weeks with a planned meal structure for a 4-week period. The results exposed that the men lost 6.3 percent of their body weight while the women had lost 4.4 percent. However, the arterial health showed opposite results.

Arterial Stiffness measurement called the pulse wave velocity showed that the blood flow speeds reduced up to 1 meter per second while men had experienced no change as such. A decent diet plan can help in many ways thus many research sites and websites give reviews over health and lifestyle like http://reviewsbytina.com/category/health-fitness/

Associate director of the MU Clinical Research Center, elaborated on their study further saying vascular stiffness is a natural process that comes with aging and gradually accelerates due to obesity, metabolic disturbance and also insulin resistance. It is the first time any study has revealed that weight loss can reduce the arterial stiffness in as less as 4 weeks just by the adoption of correct diet plan and carbohydrate restrictions.

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