Robin Towle, the Reigning Mrs. Utah, Announces Movie Trailer for Suicide Prevention Film

Robin Towle, Mrs. Utah, is working to help prevent teen suicide.
Suicide among teens is a growing problem in Utah and the nation, and that has prompted Mrs. Utah to create a non-profit and a film in an effort to help save lives.

Salt Lake City, UTAH – When Robin Towle was recently crowned Mrs. Utah, she pledged to find ways to prevent teenage suicides. In just a few short months she has created a non-profit and a film that are designed to help teens in Utah and across the nation.

Teen suicide is the number one cause of death in Utah for ages eleven to seventeen, and it is on the rise four times faster than the national average, according to Towle, who says her concerns come from personal experiences.

Towle, wrote and directed a faith-based short film, Room Enough, to promote teen suicide prevention that she says kids so desperately need. A trailer for the film has just been released and is available at this link:

“This beautiful film teaches through the example of the main characters who learn from experience the importance of mindfulness, self-awareness, inclusion, gratitude, and kindness. The film can be shared by parents, religious leaders, teachers, mentors, and the teens themselves. Hopefully they will think about and discuss the positive changes they can make in their own lives, and become more aware of ways they can help those around them,” explained Towle.

She also created the non-profit organization Sign Wolfpact to provide a safe environment for teens to thrive. It provides a program that enables teens to embrace kindness, inclusion, positive self-talk, service, nature, and exercise to increase their self-esteem.

Towle is a philanthropist, children’s book author, dancer, actor, writer, director and producer. She is married to Kevin Towle and is the mother of six children. She will soon compete for the title of Mrs. America at the national pageant in Las Vegas.

If she wins, she plans to travel with her husband and children to expand her teen suicide prevention program nation-wide. She can be found on Facebook and on Instagram.

Towle recently played a lead role in Sila Algavale’s Lost at Desert. The feature film was just submitted to Sundance film festival.

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